Part Two of Day One

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There are a lot of missing palapas.  I am not sure what is up with that. There are some people in the area over to the left of us having a good (i.e. noisy) time. We see no less than three bottles of champagne being brought to them. No wonder they are having such a good time. I love ordering a bottle of champagne when I am on the beach, just because I can. It is one of the really decadent things I do when I am here, although I don’t do it that often.

We go in the water in our favorite spot, which is past the rocky area at the end of Building 71. We always stay in Building 71 and so we always park ourselves on the beach in front of 71 and we almost always sit on the south side, which is the right side when you walk out. This makes this good swim area just a couple of minutes away. There are no rocks and the water is very clear here.


I am not sure why he is holding up two fingers.


Someone comes by and takes our picture. That’s always nice when that happens because it is hard to get pictures of us together, especially when we wander of the resort grounds.

When we were walking to the nice area to swim we passed the privately owned massage area. This is covered by white tarps and the massages are very inexpensive, but people have reported less than hygienic practices observed, like not changing the sheets between patrons. I prefer to get my massages at the Grand massage hut or spa, even if they are more expensive. There is now a sign right as you go off the Grand owned property that you are leaving the Grand and any services provided by anyone after that point are not theirs and they are not responsible for them. This independent massage hut is right past this sign, so I guess the Grand is trying to make it clear they have nothing to do with them.

We go to lunch. Wilmer seats us and tells me they have my coconut ice cream. So funny. We start with our traditional beverages.


I tell Azael only one glass of wine.


Lobsters and shrimp fajitas. 


French fries. They are HOT!


I ask for just one scoop of coconut ice cream.


As we are leaving a woman asks if I’m Andrea.They are from Belgium. She reads my blog. She is there with her family, four of them. I still get such a kick out of these “rock star” moments.

We go back to the beach and I have a  rum and coke.


I nap, sorta. It is hard with the people who are having such a good time. 

We go back to the room so we can use the balcony Jacuzzi.

The maid left us some rose petal love on the bed.


We make some Havana Club and cokes with limes.


We take some photos that are appropriate to post on the internet. Hopefully there are no less than appropriate photos reflected anywhere.



There are clumps of bubbles that float away and the wind keeps them afloat for a long time. We are ridiculously entertained by this for a ridiculous amount of time.


The one in the air could be mistaken for a cloud.

I take another nap, a real one this time without the noise from the beach. Then I shower and dress for dinner. I need to make it to the bar tonight. 


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  1. Seems to be the best room for privacy! Yes, at first I thought it was a cloud. I can imagine the fun! Maybe next time ocean view for us.

  2. You always have such cute swimsuits.

    1. Thank you! I have gotten most of them from Victoria Secret. Not sure what I’ll do now that they have gone out of the swimsuit business.

      1. check They have cute swimsuits!

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