Day 1 of Toes in the Sand – Hungover

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I wake up with a headache. But it goes away by itself. I vote not to drink so much today, and think it is the combo with my meds that landed me so wasted yesterday.

It looks like a good start to the day.


I read other trip reports and see pictures on Facebook from people who get up and take pictures of sunrises when they are in Mexico, and I wish we were those kind of people. Alas, we are not, and we probably aren’t going to change at this late date.

We head off to breakfast before eight.


We sit in Azael’s section so good to see him. He remembers I like chillaquiles and brings an enormous bowl. More than enough, even with Zung helping me.


We get mimosas because the hair of the dog usually works to quell that fuzzy, foggy feeling I often get after a wasted night.



Zung gets an omelet and says hello to Olivia. I go I just to say hello to her. She asks if we’re going to have coconut ice cream at lunch, so she’ll be sure that there is some there. I get some mango.


Back to the room. The flowers are looking particularly lovely today.


We perform the necessary ritual of sunscreen slathering upon our bodies. We go out to the beach. I ask for a bucket of waters. That’s all I drink in the morning. Zung has a margarita.


The weather is perfect. Sunny, hot. It is day one of my toes in the sand.



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  1. Funny I read your post as I ate breakfast at……la brisas
    Now Victor is giving us a Spanish lesson, what great waiters they have here 😊

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