Toes in the Sand and a Drink in My hand – September 2016

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This trip was our usual “summer” trip, but the dates were determined by our friend, Helen, to help her celebrate her 50th birthday. She chose mid-September and the Valentin Imperial Maya. However, we can’t go to the Riviera Maya without going to the Grand. While technically it was still summer, in my mind, summer ends with Labor day. Airfare was crazy good if we left on Labor Day, which meant, in my definition of summer and fall, we were going to be there in fall. The way things worked out we would go to the Grand at the beginning of our trip. While I prefer to end our trip at the Grand, there was no way that would work out and allow us to take advantage of the Labor Day airfare.

The weekend before Labor Day weekend I had gone to New Orleans with a girlfriend. I worked three days that week. I had my hair cut and colored. Susie was in her new job as a first grade teacher and had asked me to make curtains to cover the bookcases (it can distract the kids if they see all the stuff on the shelves), and she asked me that week, with not much notice. Okay, she gave me no notice and needed them before Thursday when she had back to school night, so I had almost no time to do it. She didn’t have enough fabric to do them all, so I decided to be a very nice “mom who sews”, and get more fabric so it would all be done. She got the fabric from Walmart, and even though I don’t shop at Walmart (policial reasons), I sucked it up for her and went in and bought the fabric. I did have to take a shower afterwards because it made me feel dirty shopping there. Just kidding about the shower part, but not the feeling dirty from shopping there part.

Somewhere in there I packed. These were the shoes that made the cut. It’s always a brutal competition.


I was feeling a little stressed from everything that was going on.

Labor day weekend  I was scheduled to work and Zung was scheduled for a race weekend (If you’re a newbie, Zung races sports cars on  tracks with lots of twists and turns). I did work, but Zung’s race weekend was cancelled due to car issues. On Sunday we had a family wedding. It felt like so much was going on that weekend, and the wedding was in the evening. We agreed that we wouldn’t stay any later that 9pm. At the wedding it was so much fun to get to see family we hadn’t seen in awhile. My 85 year old uncle was there, who I hadn’t seen in quite some time. A cousin was there, who I had never met. It was just an overall great time, and it ended up being 10pm by the time we left.

I had to drop off our dog, Sophie, Sunday morning before work. I started missing her right away.


Monday morning came and we finished packing. I almost forgot my makeup bag. That would have been a major disaster! We packed up the car and headed to the airport. We had done the pre check thing, but we had to check in at the do it yourself kiosk and drop our bags. I had two bags. We fly Southwest and you get to check two bags for free. Southwest rocks!


It being an international flight, a Southwest rep was helping us. My large bag weighed in at 45#. The southwest person said, you can go shopping, for shoes! I said to her, you and me, we’re besties!

We had the TSA pre check on our boarding passes, so i didn’t have to take off my shoes. The germaphobe in me was enormously grateful.  There was no line at all. Pre check rocks! We arrived with plenty of time for breakfast, and two mimosas for me.


Our first vacation meal wasn’t just adult beverages. We also had breakfast sandwiches. We ate at Root Down in Terminal C. I highly recommend it.



I was still working on my two mimosas.


When I finally finished them (I can chug if I need to) we walked to our gate and boarded.  We were 19&20 in line, but there was only one person in front of us. They must have been holding those places, hoping to extort money from people for a better place in line. We sat in the second row. It was not a full flight and there was only the two of us in our row. I get a couple of those tiny bottles of rum, and coke. Zung got a Dos Xx. I spill part of one bottle of rum on my dress. My dress was dry by the time we landed though. There is a baby in the first row. When he starts crying I put my noise canceling earphones on. I watch my trashy show on my iPad and read my trashy magazine. 


Before we know it, we see this out the window.


Ahhh, it’s good to be back.


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