The Sad Going Home Day

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Breakfast is Chillaquilles at Bella Vista.


I spend some time on the beach with my beloved lounge chair.


Feeding my soul.


Having one last adult milk shake.




I never did get around to letting them know I was not interested in hearing about the club, thank you though.


The flowers were still beautiful.


I said good-bye to Aneur, who I heard is no longer there. That’s too bad. He was so nice.


I get some lunch, which I again take no pictures of. I then go to the lobby and check out.

This is my sad face.


It turns into a mad face when my transfer is not there when it is supposed to be. He finally gets there at 1:20. I was at the point where I was thinking I should ask them to call a taxi for me. I used a new company this time and after the experience at the airport and then them arriving late to take me back to the airport, I won’t be using them again.

At the airport I check in without issues and after getting through security I go to TGIF and have a mediocre drink and some food.

Vacation is over.


There will be another one though. There alway is.



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