Lunch, Dinner and Friends

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Before I tell you who came along (check the last post if you don’t know what I am referring to) I have to make a correction. I had that awesome title for my last post, “Sunday – My Last Funday.” The only problem is, this was Saturday, not Sunday. However, I am not going to change it because “Saturday – My last Funday” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Returning to our regularly scheduled blog…along came Ken N. He is a Facebook friend who I’d actually met on another of our trips that coincided. He had just checked in. We sat and talked for awhile. We were having a nice conversation, so when I said I was going to eat lunch I asked him if he wanted to join me. Oddly, I did not take any pictures of him or lunch. Truthfully, sometimes I get sick and tired of taking pictures of everything I eat.

We went to La Brisa. My UK friends were there, who had told me I could always join them for lunch. I told them that I wanted to eat alone because I was trying to figure out what to do with my professional life. I am wondering what they thought when I came in with Ken and eat lunch with him. There was no funny business going on, UK friends!

Ken and I both have lobster. I think we have coconut ice cream too. Probably white wine as well. After lunch Ken goes to see if his room is ready. Pictures show that at some point I go back to my room and take a picture of me in my one piece swim suit.


So far, there had been no surprise baths with rose petals. I am not sure if they are doing less of these or what. I decided I could draw my own bath, even if I didn’t have any rose petals to put in it. I made a rum and coke to go with my bath.


After my bath, it is time to get ready for dinner. This is another one of my rental dresses.


Dinner tonight is at La Brisa. La Brisa is where I usually eat lunch. It turns into the Mexican restaurant for dinner. They offer you a shot of tequila before they seat you. I decline because tequila tastes like gasoline to me.

I start with the soup.


For my entree I have the enchiladas. While these are good, I can’t say I was wowed by them and probably wouldn’t order them again because they have other things on the menu that I have enjoyed more.


Raul is my waiter. I have known him for years. It is always nice to see him.


Mayvany comes by to see how things have been. I invite her to sit with me and chat for a bit. I like her a lot.


After dinner I go where I always go after dinner. The lobby bar. (Well, almost always).

I take lots of pictures there.

Dave and Tessa. As usual, Tessa is crushing it with her dress and shoes.


This is my friend Ken, from lunch earlier. You can see Mitzi D, to the right. She is also one of my UK friends, and I loved her dress.


Me and Eder.


Gustavo made a good cucumber mojito in Daniel’s absence. He’s a really nice guy too.


I meet someone who reads my blog. I want to say his name is Ralph, but I didn’t write it down.I apologize! If you read this, let me know in the comments and if I was wrong I will change it.


Stephen and Gianna are at the other end of the bar. I wave to them and take their picture. They look like they are having a good time.


They come over to chat and we do some chocolate cake shots.


I hope I left and went to bed at this point. It looks like I have had enough to drink!

It was a lovely night. I am glad that I took pictures to remember who I spent time with, in spite of not taking any notes.

Tomorrow is my going home day.




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  1. Yeah I made the blog 🙂 It was good seeing you again and catching up. There is no lunch picture because you didn’t have your phone so I took the pic of the lobster and never sent it to you, my bad.

    Yes that is Ralph, he and his family were a lot of fun.

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