Sunday – my last funday

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First a correction to something I wrote in my last post. When I went to meet Danel, I did not get a ride to the lobby. I walked to the lobby (no small feet with four inch stilettos pm my feat (sorry, I couldn’t resist. I walked so I could walk by the pool, where a couple, Gianna and Stephen, were. Stephen’s mom is a friend and they have just gotten engaged on this trip. I wanted to meet them and see the ring. Well, wouldn’t YOU want to see the ring. If you say no, I know you’re lying. It is a beautiful ring. They are young and in love and it’s so optimistic.

The other thing I need to write about is at some point before Sunday I came to a conclusion about the dilemma which brought me here. I had been trying to decide if I should try to be a consultant to hospitals working on becoming Baby Friendly, because I felt like I had learned so much going through the process, and seeing how other hospitals were going through the process, OR just take the job I was interviewing for when I got back home. I decided I just wanted more income, and not so much stress, so I would take the job if it was offered to me. As it turns out, I never even interviewed for the job because the hospital was so disorganized the recruiter hadn’t even told the Director I was coming. I heeded the cosmic warming and told them I was no longer interested. I don’t do well with disorganized systems. And I’m not very diplomatic all of the time. I am direct, to a fault. My best friend, Erika, has tried to work with me on this. I have proved to be a reluctant student. My philosophy is that if you screwed up, I’m not going to confuse you by giving you a hug before telling that you screwed up. Or telling you what a great job you did on this other thing, before I tell you what a lousy job you did on this. That’s for kids.

Sorry, rant over. I continue to look for just the right opportunity. I have a rather long list of requirements and so I’ll probably be looking for a long time. In the mean time, I’m trying to cut back on shoe purchases.

We now return to our regularly scheduled blog. Sunday was pretty freaking spectacular.


This is Ocean Front Building #71, from the beach, which you might have guessed from all the sand.


A fountain right outside of Bella Vista.


There is a fair amount of wild life around the resorts. This morning there is a peacock outside of Bella Vista.


I have chillaquilles for breakfast. I ask for them to be not so spicy, so they make them in red sauce. They are YUM! I need to remember to ask for no onions though.


Look at that view!


I take my Mimosa, to go. I finish it on the beach. And wait, longer than I like to, for a waiter to come by to get me another.


It’s a yellow flag day, as are most.


I’m gonna go out on a limb and say this is a Havana rum and coke. It looks like there is a lime in it, which I think makes it a Cuba Libre.


I was enjoying the day, probably spending too much time on Facebook and Candy Crush, when along came…


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  1. Do the chiliquillas have beans in them? I must try them if they don’t. Please don’t stop buying shoes.

    1. Sheila, no beans in the Chiliquillis. Definitely try them! They are simple, chips, shredded chicken, cheese, onions and sauce. But I’ve started asking them to leave the onions off. They are delicious. They can do red sauce or green sauce. The green was too spicy for me, so I have them make it with red sauce. This is not on the menu, so just ask your waiter.

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