Dinner With Daniel on Fifth

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When the time came, I get ready for my dinner with Daniel. I wear a dress from Rent the Runway. It is probably my most favorite dress because it is so comfortable. I wore this dress to work and out to dinner (at home). It is no longer available. I should have bought it when it was part of their sale. You can always buy the items, but then, what is the point? And even with a deep discount, it was more than I usually spend, so I let it go, and I enjoy the pictures.IMG_0762.JPG

I get a ride to the Lobby and then a ride to the front gate. I must have had to wait at the front for a bit, because I took this picture.


I get the ride to the front gate and have to wait a couple minutes for Daniel. He arrives and we drive to Playa del Carmen Fifth Avenue.

We are going to Yaxche. I told Daniel that I wanted to go to a nice restaurant because it is Nicholas birthday, and I will be thinking about that. He has heard good things about this restaurant.

We order some drinks. Daniel can’t have any alcohol. He had surgery a few weeks ago and is still taking some pain meds. He has some sparkling water and I have some red wine. It is served cold.

I take pictures of the food.

The bread is…bread. The butter is in that little packet. That seems like a lot of effort for butter.


I have a filet that is served with rice and some veggies. It is good, but I can’t finish it, so Daniel does.


Daniel gets duck, but he is not happy with it.


We don’t get any dessert.

Pictures, to prove we were there.


Daniel asks if I want to walk down Fifth Avenue, and while that is something that I have always wanted to do at night, I am tired, and ready to go back to the Grand to veg in my room. Plus, I am wearing 4 inch heels and am not sure how far I could go in them. Even worse would be going a certain distance and then realizing I had to go all the way back and thinking I might not make it.

We drive back to the Grand and sit and talk for a while. We talk about his new girlfriend and I remember saying at one point, “I’m never going to get you married off!” (Spoiler alert – he is not “just friends” with her).

I go back to my room. Alejandra is at the concierge desk and she asks where I went for dinner. Then she asks if I have brought her any dessert. I laugh and say, not this time. When I go up to my room, there is a bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. I take a few of the strawberries down to Alejandra. She is not at her desk, so I just leave them for her and tell the butler who is there to tell her they were from me. Shortly after I get back to my room she calls to thank me. I thought the whole thing was kind of amusingly cosmic.


Why have they brought me two glasses when I am alone?

Whatever. I drink some, while I read. Then I go to sleep.


One more day of paradise.


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  1. Great Blog!!! Going to the Grand for New Years eve. Never been. I enjoyed your insight

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