All I Can Remember

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So, I stopped taking notes, and apparently, many pictures.

I’m sure I ate breakfast at Bella Vista, because I always do. Chances are good that Azael was my waiter, because I always ask for him. However, you and I will never know for sure.

I have lunch. And most certainly went to the beach before that.

I go back to my room for lunch.

Lobster and beef fillet for lunch are awesome. But sometimes a girl just wants a sandwich.


This is the club sandwich, only available through room service. Once I asked one of the beach waiters if I could get it at the beach. It was one of the few times at the Grand that I was told no.

Whenever I order it, it really hits the spot. As it does today. I make a Shandy to go with it. When I send this picture to Zung, he asked, “You’re drinking a beer?” Because he knows I don’t drink beer. I tell him about the Shandy.

The other thing I do when I am in my room is call my son, Nicholas. Today is his birthday. He is 30 years old. I have been a mother for three decades. How did that happen? He is in Italy, with his love, Tizzy. They are having a wonderful day together.


And I miss him terribly. I am so looking forward to seeing him when he visits in August.

I went to La Brisa after I ate my club sandwich.I wanted some of that white wine. AND some coconut ice cream.


And let’s face it, it was fun ordering white wine and coconut ice cream.

At some point in the afternoon I make my way, with a glass of that white wine, to the Tranquility pool. The woman who had been assertively looking for me, is not there. Apparently she had a lookout though, because shortly after I was enjoying the tranquility of the Tranquility pool, she shows up. We have a nice conversation. She asks where I am eating dinner that night and I reply that I am going out with Daniel for dinner. She makes an inappropriate comment about Daniel and I. I inform her that Daniel and I are friends, sorta. The other part of that sorta is, he’s like my third son.

And I am pretty excited that he has a new girlfriend. His mother likes her (which is the most important). Hopefully, I will get the low down on her tonight.


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