My UK Friends

I discover, the answer to life is not at the bottom of a wine glass. Even when it has been refilled several times.

I get ready for dinner. I wear a pretty pink dress with my pearls. It is lace and I wear it with my leather and stud Valentinos. I like an outfit that is incongruent.


I head off to the Italian restaurant, for lamb chops, which are very good.


Next stop is the lobby bar. The group that I have come to refer to (to myself) as my friends from the UK, are there. This would be Dave and Tessa, Dave and Mitzi, and Ali and Tom.  We order a round of chocolate cake shots. Someone passes out funny glasses, which makes it look like we have been doing quite a few rounds of chocolate cake shots.

img_0749Rafael comes by to chat. I show him the “invitation” I got which is in actuality an attempt to get me to sign up for a session to be sold the vacation club.  Dave says they got a couple also.

My friends from the UK head off to dinner shortly after that. They are such a riot. I wish I’d been able to spend more evenings with them. I stay and talk more with Rafael. Alberto comes by and we chat.

I’m not much of a bar rat and with Daniel not here to chat with, it is not long before I head back to my room. I make myself a rum and coke and open a bag of chips and read. I certainly don’t take notes for this blog, because I don’t have any after tonight. My memory and pictures better serve me well.


Zung sends me a picture of Sophie. She misses me. I miss her too.


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