White Wines

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I go to La Brisa for lunch, and asked for Azael. I always ask for him when he is working. He brings me some white wine to try since they don’t have Sauvignon Blanc (who doesn’t have Sauv Blanc? It’s as common as orange juice).

The wine is decent and drinkable. It must have been, because I drank a lot of it.


I took a bunch of pictures of the wine glass near my sunglasses, trying to get a good reflection picture. This was the best I could do. Not so impressive. Boo.

This is what the bottle looks like, if you are a Sauv Blanc drinker and want to give it a try.


I have the lunch of champions, two grilled lobsters and french fries, with lots of limes for the lobsters. If you usually use butter, next time try limes…SOOOOO good!


More wine in the sunglasses reflection pictures.



Diane B., Who I met when we were here for New Year’s Eve, came by and said hello. Mayvany, the new assistant GM comes over to introduce herself. She has been with Iberostar for a long time. She is from Cuba, and has been in Spain for the last few years.

Azael asks me if I want coconut ice cream. They no longer have to go and get it for me. They have it waiting.


It is delicious.

When I head back to the beach, I make a detour and stop by the pool bar to say hello to Humberto. Haha! His expression is so funny in this picture. (He gave me another glass of wine, for the road).


Carlos was there too!


After all that wine, I’m sure there was a snooze.

The beach is hot and I want to get wet. I consider the ocean, but it has been rough and murky. I consider the main pool, but it it too chaotic with so many people and they are drinking and playing games. I want some peace and solitude, so I go to the quiet pool. Actually, it is called the tranquility pool. And tranquil it is. I wish it was closer to the ocean.

When I am finished I go by the main pool, looking for Tessa and Dave, but it is just too noisy. There is a bingo game going on. I get a glass of wine and go back to my room.


I sit on the balcony, drink my wine, feed my soul, and try to find the answer to life. Thinking, maybe having a little buzz will help.




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  1. Dear Andrea,

    as I was in the Grand few years ago I liked white rioja the most of the white wines. Did you try this one?

  2. I did not. I’ll have to see if it is still available. Thanks!

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