Group Dinner with Amazing People

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After relaxing for a bit on the balcony I get dressed for dinner. I am joining a group of people. My friends, Dave and Tessa Brown are here and they have invited me for a group dinner. Tessa is a fashionista and I am expecting her to give me a run for my money in terms of dinner dresses and shoes. I have tried to bring my A game.

Most of my dresses are from Rent the Runway Unlimited. It is a subscription service for clothes. Actually, it includes jewelry and handbags as well. You pay about $140/month and can have three items at a time. You can keep any of the items for up to six months. Once they send you the item or items it usually takes 2 days to arrive and when you send them back it takes about the same amount of time. Travel time is included in the amount of time you “have” an item. The most expensive thing I have rented was a Donna Karan dress that was worth almost $2000. I never spend even close to that much, so it’s fun to wear things like that. Most of the things are in pristine condition as they dry clean them between customers. Rent the Runway also has a service where you can rent a dress for four or eight days, and that is the same company but a different service (in case you check it out). Sometimes I get coupon offers for friends (I get a discount too – in the interests of full disclosure), so if you are interested, leave a comment and I can see if I have anything available.

Some of the things I have really loved and worn several times. There have been things I tried on and sent back without wearing (like the really gorgeous Versace dress that I couldn’t zip up, and I sized up!). This dress was from my subscription. The shoes are all mine.


I get a ride to the lobby and go to exchange some money. Sarah comes our to say hello, and I am so embarrassed to admit I didn’t recognize her at first. We got past that (can you say mortified?) and she told me that there was a guest who wanted to meet me.  She’s not in the matchmaking business, so she just lets me know and lets me decide what I want to do with the information. So I poston Facebook that I’m usually at the lobby bar in the evening.

I exchange money and then go over to previously mentioned bar to where Dave and Tessa and their friends are. I meet Dave and Mitzi Dawson, and Tom and Ali Gooch. They are all coming to dinner. Such incredibly nice and fun people!

Alberto comes over and says hello.


You can see in the above picture that I have a cucumber mojito. Gustavo made me this. Daniel is on medical leave, and although I do get to see him while I am here, he does not make any of my drinks this trip. Gustavo does well with my cucumber mojito.

The first shoe off is a draw. My Christian Dior cage shoes (I got these five years ago for my 50th) are pretty impressive. However, Tessa is wearing some kick-ass shoes herself. This picture does not really do them justice.


We head off to dinner with Eder. We see Ahleli, who is preggers, and working in the Club lounge. We go to Toni’s. Sajid (who used to be the entertainment manager, and is just visiting) and Aziz (who is the manager for entertainment in Mexico) join us. It is a very nice evening.

I have a Ceasar salad.


I have a rib-eye, medium rare, because that is what I always have here and it is always delicious and perfectly cooked. I have some kind of potatoes too. The swirly decoration is nice, if not awfully bright!


Group photo.


Aziz turns out to be a smoker and, after many glasses of wine, I steal his cigarettes. It is Wednesday, so there is the Stars Under the Stars party by the pool, and we move the party there. Aziz does convince me to give him back his smokes (I think). Tessa dances, but I’m not a dancer. The music is loud, and I am feeling somewhat drunk, so I head back to the room. One of my rules for solo travel is not to get drunk. At least out in public. What I do in my room is another matter.

It has been a really lovely evening, spent with really lovely people. I should have just gone to sleep. But noooo! I read emails. I don’t usually read work emails on vacation, but I see that there are 12 emails in my work email account. I wonder why there are so many. So I look at them. Most of them are inconsequential. But there is one that gets me really worked up, and then I can’t sleep.

Thank goodness for Ambien.

Looking forward to tomorrow and feeding my soul.





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