All Good Things Must Come to an End

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Going home day. Zung got up early enough (easier to do this time of year) to get some awesome sunrise pictures.


The effect it has on the columns around the Jacuzzi is stunning.


We head off to our last breakfast.

This early there is no one on the beach yet.


Here is one more gratuitous sunrise picture.


Azael is working outside, which is too cool for us. He comes by to say hello, but we have to say good-bye. Our service is still very good. I know I go on and on about how great Azael is, but the truth is most of the waiters are really great.

We say good-bye to Olivia and Matianna. Her internship is coming to an end, so we won’t see her again.

Last omelette.


We go back to the room and I ask the concierge if we can have a late check-out and she tells me it is already in the computer for a check-out at 2 pm. We go to the room and pack. I go out to the beach for some last sunning while Zung finishes packing.

Mango Mimosa


Zung comes out and I try to take a picture showing how many days, but I don’t have enough fingers while holding my champagne flute.


We consider going into the water, but it is too cold. The day is beautiful and sunny though. Where was this sun yesterday and the day before?

I take pictures of the exclusive club area.



They have exclusive furnishings.


They have an exclusive bar.


We plan on going in at 11;45, but I get antsy and we go in at 11:30.


Shower, finish packing. We are finished before the 1 o’clock that the bellboy is supposed to come, so we call and ask them to come now.

I take a couple photos before we leave the room.

The flowers are still beautiful and fresh.


The expanded snack selection. Our room has a Nespresso machine, but these are not in all the rooms. The Havana Siete and limes are not standard either.


The bell boy takes our bags and we head to lunch.


Azael is our waiter and I am sad to be leaving.


Shrimp fajitas for Zung and grilled fish of the day for me.


And of course, french fries. Azael always remembers I want them fresh and hot.


Azael asks if I want ice cream and I say no, but Zung wants some and Azael brings me some any way. It tastes so good.


We walk the sad walk to the lobby. We have rally enjoyed the holiday decorations.


We run into Fernando. He apologizes for the experience we had at the New Year’s day lunch when I couldn’t get anyone to fill my wine or water glass. I say that all the other restaurant experiences were good.

The lobby is busy, with several people checking in.We check out when it is our turn. Our ride to the airport is early.

Terminal 2 is larger and more confusing. We buy tequila for the kids and then walk around looking for food that is not fast food. We find TGI Friday’s. We eat and look for our gate, which is FINALLY assigned. We board.

Near the end of the flight the guy behind us starts throwing a fit about something and is swearing. Someone tells him to be quiet and surprisingly he is. We land and hike the long hike to Immigration. We now have to check in at electronic kiosks, and then wait in the Immigration line to get checked by an agent. That line never seems to be very long. I’m not sure I understand the purpose of both of them. We get our bags, go through Customs and our vacation is over.

Time for the next one!



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  1. Thanks for your latest blog, Andrea. Looking forward to the next ” Grand ” report… Which will be when ?

    1. You’re welcome!
      I hope to start it this weekend. It will be my solo trip from May. And I just got back from a trip with Zung, so there will be another right after that.

  2. Great report – not so great that it was your last day. =(

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