Romantic Dinner

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The concierge tells us that the weather is too windy for our romantic dinner to be held outdoors. Instead it will be held in the presidential suite. I am excited about this because I have never seen the presidential suite. Either one (there are two – one in each building).

We take the elevator back up to the third floor. Saray is waiting for us and takes us in to the presidential suite and through it to the balcony.


We take some pictures of the balcony, which has several more things on it than the regular rooms.


There is a bottle of the lovely white wine that we had earlier in the day. Hugo is the man.



You can see in this picture that there is a bottle of sparkling wine and red wine. We never got to those. We just drank the white wine.

The courses were brought out, one by one.





We had a wonderful waiter who attended to our every need.


We went back to the room to drop off the wine. It had been beautifully decorated.


We, however, we headed to the Lobby Bar. It was our last night to hang with Daniel.

Victor gave us a golf cart ride.


Zung has a margarita.


I just cannot drink any more, so I have Daniel make me a water martini.



Going to miss Daniel until next time.


We met this couple, but I forgot to write down their names (Sorry!)


We took a few more pictures.



It was time to call it a night, after a great night.


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  1. The Presidential Suite!! Wow!! You lucky guys! What exactly was everything you had to eat, especially that green dome thing. Your meal looked more exotic than our romantic dinner last year.

  2. There was ratatouille, asparagus, salmon on toast, spinach turban ( filling of cream cheese – the first time I had this it was a filling of potato puree – I sent it back as the cream cheese filling wasn’t appetizing), beef tournedos, fettuccini, crepes suzette and apple something. I got the vegetarian menu. We just came back from a trip to the Grand and we were not offered a romantic dinner. I did not ask about it either, so I don’t know if we would have been given one if we’d asked, or if they are cutting back.

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