Rained Out

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And again…


I slept nine hours. I never sleep nine hours. I never sleep eight hours. I’m thrilled if I sleep seven hours. After nine hours I felt much better. We went to breakfast and had Mimosas to celebrate my feeling better.


I had bacon and eggs over medium.


I’m not going to pretend like you don’t know what Zung had. He was celebrating the fact that the Broncos had done well.


We took pictures of Azael, so you know who is a really awesome waiter to look for when you go.


Once I got out to the beach, I continued celebrating the fact that I was feeling good.


Day 5


Some weather came in.


It was feeling on the cool side. I think this was the day that it rained a little bit and we ran inside and then it stopped raining and so we went back outside and then it started raining again and we went back inside. This all occurred within about five minutes.


We finally decided to just stay inside. Sort of. We filled the jacuzzi on the balcony.


When we got hungry, we headed over to Las Brisa for lunch.


I had the Tournedos and it was cooked perfectly.


Zung was happy with his shrimp fajitas.


We saw Hugo and I thanked him for getting us that wonderful wine the day before. He said he would get it for us again tomorrow, and asked if we wanted some at dinner tonight. We were eating at Toni’s tonight and I didn’t think it would go well with steak, so I declined. As it turned out, we both had fish so it probably would have been great.

The coconut ice cream was served with a strawberry, which always makes it extra delicious. Those leafy looking things are white chocolate leaves.


There was more time on the beach. Then we got ready for dinner.


Zung had soup and I had a caesar salad for apps.


I had the tuna, and while it was good and cooked well, I wasn’t that hungry so I didn’t eat much of it.


Zung had the salmon, which he enjoyed.


At the end of dinner the Captain comes over and says he knows I like coconut ice cream (the word must be out) and asks me if I would like any. I decline since I am full.

We saw the always lovely Marianna. We know this would be the last trip we will see her, so we had to take some pics.


At the lobby bar a gentleman came up to us and asked me if I was Andrea from Iberostarrocks. Why yes, yes I am. Rockstar moment with Paula and Mike from Chicago. We had a nice chat with them.


We chatted with Eder. IMG_0982

Rafael came by and we have a long chat. I only drank water. I was feeling the effects of so much drinking.

If anything more happened, there was no photographical evidence. And sometimes, that is for the best.


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  1. You always post pictures of the shrimp fajitas but they really look delicious on this picture. Its so funny how the fajitas are served in Mexico compared to how they served in the US.

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