Dinner with Daniel

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It is a beautiful day again. Zung gets up early enough to catch an actual sunrise.


I am not feeling so great though. I know what you’re thinking. Hangover. But this doesn’t feel like a hangover. I keep getting this too, on my trips here. A day where I just don’t feel good. My stomach doesn’t feel good and I get chilled off and on. It usually only lasts a day.

I send Zung off to breakfast by himself.


By the time he gets back I am feeling better and even order a Mimosa when we get to the beach.


Lunch is much like many other lunches we have had. Zung has his shrimp fajitas.


I have lobster and french fries.


And some white wine.


And of course, coconut ice cream. And from the looks of this picture, Zung had the coconut ice cream and I did not. I also see a glass of white wine next to his place, so I’m thinking that this was the day they got us a bottle of that amazing wine that we had on New Year’s day at Bella Vista. We drank the whole bottle. It was delicious. That’s probably the reason I didn’t have any ice cream. I was drinking my dessert.


We went back to the beach and took a nap, as is required by drinking a bottle of wine at lunch.

Tonight we were having dinner with Daniel and his son Matthew. We were going to a restaurant in Cancun. When we go out with Daniel, we get a golf cart ride to the entrance and wait for him there.


We give Matthew his Christmas present in the car. He likes Legos.


We passed by Hospiten Cancun, where Zung was treated when he had his heart attack eight years ago.


I can’t remember the name of the restaurant, but it had a big salad bar and it was one of those Brazilian places where they bring the meats around on skewers and you ask for whichever ones sound good to you. I was back to not feeling great, but it was a really good dinner. The food was good and it’s always nice to get to see Daniel outside of the Lobby Bar.

When we arrived back at Iberostar we asked the security guard to call us a golf cart. We got to enjoy the beautiful holiday lights while we waited.


We had the bell boy who picked us up take us to our room. I was not feeling good and hanging out at the Lobby Bar did not sound great tonight.

They had put some beautiful flowers in our room while we were gone.


The maid had left a rose for us as well.


I read for a short bit, but was very sleepy and still feeling chilled. I went to sleep and slept for nine hours. I never sleep that long and that seemed like further evidence that I had been sick. Fortunately, I felt much better in the morning.



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  1. Hi Andrea,
    I can’t tell you how excited I was to stumble across your blog! My husband and I will be staying at the Grand for a week over New Year’s. I’ve got a lot of reading to do, but from what I’ve read so far, looks like we made the right choice to stay at the Grand! Thanks!

    1. Kerrey,
      Prepare to be amazed and awed. If you haven’t already, check out my current trip report, when we were there for last New Year’s Eve!

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