Just another day at the Grand

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I’m going to be honest with you all, I was terrible at taking notes on this trip after my last post. I remember some things, but will be going mostly by pictures.

Zung orders a beer. I know that because I see it in this picture and he always orders a beer.


I ask for the wine I had yesterday at Bella Vista. My request is somewhat complicated by the fact that I don’t know the name of it, and can only say I asked for a Sauvignon Blanc and they brought me this other wine instead. There was much discussion, and the thought that perhaps it was a special wine left over from New Year’s Eve. Hugo came over and said they could not get it today, but they would have it for me tomorrow. I ended up with some other kind of white wine.

I have the tournedos and Zung has shrimp fajitas.


My steak is cooked perfectly.


You can see behind  my wine is a gift bag. We brought toffee that is made in Colorado by Enstrom’s to give to some of our favorite staff. I wish we could have brought more, but they were heavy, and we’d also brought a bottle of wine for Daniel and some Legos for his son, Matthew. We gave this one to Azael. He always has a lovely smile and provides spot on service. We look forward to seeing him every morning for breakfast and every afternoon for lunch. We miss him on his day off.

He brings us our coconut ice cream, which is always the perfect finish to our lunch. It’s extra good with strawberries.


I’m sure there was beach time after lunch, but the only picture I have is of jacuzzi time.


Dinner was at Haiku, the Asian restaurant.






We usually eat at a table as opposed to the Hibachi tables. They usually involve more time and we prefer the wok dishes anyway. You can order the Hibachi dishes at a regular table and wok dishes at the Hibachi tables.

After dinner we headed off to the Lobby Bar, taking some pictures along the way.




Daniel made us some drinks.


There may or may not have been chocolate cake shots.


And I may or may not have been photobombed.


We took some pictures with the staff.


That’s all I can tell what happened from my pictures.



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  1. Killer awesome shoes!!!

  2. That is the toffee I’ve been looking for for over 15 years!! I could not remember the name and google never found it, thanks so much for mentioning it!!!!

  3. What a gorgeous view behind the Jacuzzi. The Grand does a good job decorating for the holidays. It looks so pretty there.

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