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I hope you don’t get tired of these pictures, because I don’t.



We wake up around 7:30, feeling kind of dazed (aka hungover). We remember we ordered breakfast and get up so we are ready by 8. Our delivery window is 8-8:30 and usually they seem to deliver earlier in the window. Soooo, we wait. And wait. It is 8:30 and we are still waiting. At 8:35 I say, how long do we wait? Right about then the phone rings. Zung answers it. It is someone from room service asking if our breakfast has arrived yet. He says no, it has not arrived. She says she’ll check on it. I tell Zung we should get dressed, because it is looking like we will need to go to Bella Vista if we want any breakfast this morning.

The phone rings again. I answer it and the woman from room service asks if our breakfast has arrived yet.

Me – No, it has not.

Her – Really? I wonder why not!

Seriously? I can’t believe this conversation is taking place.

Just at that moment there is a knock at the door. Finally, our breakfast has arrived.

We have them set it up on the balcony.


However, it is just too hot, so we take it inside. Can you imagine that, it is too hot in January?

There are mango Mimosas. We take them to the beach with us.


There is a massage tent set up on the beach. They apparently do braids too. Either that or they are head hunters. There is no sink and someone on the Grand Facebook board reported that they do not change the sheets on the massage beds. Germaphobe that I am, I will never get a massage here. Gotta love that palapa style umbrella though.


We go for a walk.


There is a mountain of seaweed, even though the seaweed is no longer a problem. I guess this stuff takes a while to decompose.


We do some ocean gazing.


We come upon a raft.



We found this starfish, out of the water, trying to get back in.


We gave him a hand.


I haven’t seen too many live starfish, so this was kind of cool.

We had worked up an appetite, walking and rescuing starfish. Lunch seemed like a good thing to do next.


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  1. Hi Andrea,
    It´s sunrise in Germany, just reading your room Service Report, nice pics.
    Greetings vom Rudy and his “invisible” wife…..

  2. LOL! Hello to Rudy,, and his ” lovely ” wife!

  3. Those two heads on sticks and your headhunter comments are too funny ! Maybe they were guests who didn’t pay their bill ? 😂

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