New Year’s Day

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Even though we were up late last night, we wake up at 8 am. I feel fine, even though I drank so much last night.

It is a glorious day, a great start to 2016.



We head off to Bella Vista for breakfast. Marianna is there, serving Mimosa’s outside of the doors to Bella Vista. I wonder how much sleep she got last night. Still, she looks beautiful and has a shining smile.

Zung and I each take a Mimosa. That is an optimistic act for me.


We ask for Azael’s section. We get food.


My hangover creeps up on me. I don’t drink my Mimosa. I don’t have any adult beverages, all morning long. Ugh!

I see Jim and Sharon, the couple we hung out with last night. Say hi. Eder comes by to tell us that there will be tacos outside of Bella Vista for lunch, starting at one. We decide to do this for lunch. They are also grilling steaks. Big ones.

We stick with the tacos.


We sit inside Bella Vista. Zung orders a Victoria, and he is told that they don’t have it, but they bring him something else that he likes. I ask for white wine and he reels off several different varietals, including Sauvignon Blanc, so I order that. He brings a Semillion instead. It is very good. I have drank all my water and nobody refills it. We go get food, both of us get tacos. Gabriel, my favorite beach waiter, is bartending. I go say hello. Not sure if he remembers me. He is very polite and friendly.

We go sit down and eat. I am feeling better. I drink all my wine. My water glass had been empty for at least 15-20 minutes, and now my wine glass is empty. I try to wave someone down and can’t seem to catch anyone’s attention. I finally get up and go over to one of the servers and ask for more water and wine. Finally get refills. I get some more of the cake and cookies I had last night that were so good. 


While lunch was good, having to run around looking for someone to refill beverages in a restaurant that is not at all crowded is not awesome.

We go back to beach. Do the beach thing, drink, read, nap, repeat. Enjoy some adult beverages.


When we get tired of the beach thing, we go back to our room.Do the Jacuzzi thing, drinks, Jacuzzi.

Get dressed and head off for dinner.


We meet Craig and Alice from Newman, GA, they read my blog. I get such a kick out of people who recognize me from my blog or the Facebook page.


We go to dinner at L’Atelier. We order wine. Zung gets the bouillabaisse.


I have the paté.


I get fish, which is ok. To be honest, I am usually disappointed by fish in the dinner restaurants.


Zung gets dessert.


We see Rafael and I confess to being hungover all day.

We go to the lobby bar. I have a cucumber mojito. Hair of the dog, and all that.


I have clearly recovered from my hangover.


Zung has his favorite, a Daniel Margherita. 


Zung and I do some chocolate cake shots.





Holly, from the Facebook group comes over to say hello.


Saray, from Public Relations, comes by to talk to us. We have an nice conversation.


When we have had enough we go back to room. We order breakfast for room service, the next morning. Then we crash. All those adult beverages have caught up with me.



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  1. I have to admire your powers of recovery ! From being hungover, to doing shots at the bar that night (after consuming a few drinks prior) … What an amazing come back ! Well done !!😂 Don’t think I could have done that, Andrea.

    1. You just need to get more committed and practice more!

      1. Every time I “practice” , I end up with a 2 day hangover…. 🙄🤒. Ugh !!

  2. Seems that everytime that I “practice” I end up with a 2 day hangover ! 🤒🙄 Ughhh …

  3. Saray is a dear, she helped us with a last minute a la carte res for our last night. The male concierges defaulted to the “9:30” time slot. Saray magically found a 7:00 pm slot for us

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