New Year’s Eve – Part 3

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Off to the lobby bar to wait for midnight! On our way we stop to take pictures with Eder. They have all kinds of props, and Eder takes the pictures for us.



Except for the picture that he is in, Zung takes that one.


After taking some fun pictures we proceed to the bar. We hang out with Daniel. He makes me a cucumber martini.


Zung loves a Daniel Margherita.


We chat with some people and then go to the show. They are handing out bags of noise makers, hats, streamers. They ask us if we have reservations. We had no idea you needed reservations. Daniel had mentioned that you could get reservations (for an extra fee) in the front row and they served better sparkling wine. It may have even been Moet. I don’t know because this was never offered to us. The place was packed and they were adding extra chairs in the back and this is where we sat. They also gave us flashing baton things.


We order more bubbles.


The show is good, but it feels like it goes on for a long time. As it gets near midnight I ask Zung if he wants to go back to the bar and hang out with Daniel.


It is pretty quiet in there. The guys who play live music almost every night are there. There is no countdown, we just notice that it is midnight, so we ask for for bubbles.


We insist that Daniel have a glass too. Or at least pose for a picture with us with a glass.


After bubbles, I have a cucumber mojito. We talk with a couple, Sharon and Jim. They are really nice people. At 12:30 they set off fireworks over the golf course. The four of us go outside to watch them.


After the fireworks I am feeling pretty toasted, so we go inside and say good night to Daniel. We go back to our room. There are New Year’s presents, an Iberostar keychain and a CD.


I haven’t listened to the CD yet, but I put the star on my keychain so I can be reminded of the Grand every day (as if I need a prompt).

I finish my mojito and then go to sleep.

It was a very fun way to spend New Year’s Eve. We’d definitely do it again.


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  1. Absolutely STUNNING dress- you look like a movie star! xo
    PS- I would go to celebrate NYE with Daniel too- good choice.

    1. Ohhhhh, thank you! The dress was really amazing for length, but just had a little too much prom vibe. And I’m waaaaaayyy too old for that. And who wouldn’t want to celebrate midnight worth Daniel? He is the heart and soul of IGP!

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