New Year’s Eve – Part 2

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After lunch we return to the beach. We are nothing, if not predictable! We read and nap. We go back to the room early so we can sit in our awesome  balcony jacuzzi.


We make rum and cokes. We dress for dinner.


I bought my dress over a year ago. It was long and sparkly, and so beautiful. A little snug. But, I loved it so much, I bought it anyway. But once I got it home, I realized it was not right for anything. I finally hemmed it to tea length and adjusted the zipper so that I could eat and breath. It was pretty perfect for tonight.

We are eating at the “Gala Buffet” at Bella Vista. Alberto, Sarah and Adrianne are there, all dressed up. They all look so nice. The hostesses are all wearing black.

We are seated.


We start with a glass of bubbles.


Then we order a bottle of red wine. The buffet has everything! There are many desserts (which, let’s face it, is the most important meal of the day). Really, the array of desserts is impressive.


Then there is food for the people who feel like they have to eat something before dessert.


There are beautiful ice sculptures.







My soups. Tiny little soups.


Enjoying being “home” for New Year’s Ever.




Fernando stops to say hello. I swear it is just a coincidence that his tie matches my dress.


The couple next to us is older, and she is complaining. A lot. At first it is funny, but then it gets annoying. I start to wish that we’d requested to be seated in the Gourmet restaurant section because it is quieter in there.

After dinner we head for the Lobby Bar. People are lining up for the next seating, and the line is long!

The night is still young!


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  1. I’m drooling over the dessert display. How pretty.

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