New Year’s Eve – Part 1

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Goooooood morning, Mexico!


We wake up at 8 o’clock, which is late for us, even on vacation.

We head out to breakfast, stopping to get chairs first. Yes! Yes, it is true, we play the awful towel game when it is busy. I hate it, but everyone else does it, so we are forced to play the game too. We are rewarded with front row chairs. And a spectacular moment in the warm Mexican sun. Life is good.


We walk to Bella Vista. It’s so nice to see so many familiar faces. We see Olivia. I ask how baby Benjamin is. He has been really sick. He has asthma. Zung is so happy to have an Olivia omelette.


We are seated between two tables of people who are getting the club pitch. I can tell from the conversation and I can see they are from the other hotels because they have blue bracelets. It seems like a lot of people getting the club pitch hae come from the other hotels. The club salesperson asks how much they have spent on this vacation, and wants to know what they do for a living.

We have Mimosas. Let the drinking begin!

We see Marianna, one of the hostesses. We didn’t expect to because the last time we were here she was almost finished school. She tells us she is doing an internship.

After breakfast we go out to the beach. Of course, first we go to our room and put on our swimsuits and slather on copious amounts of sunscreen.

The beach and ocean are beautiful.


We toast to New Year’s Eve with some Mimosas.


There are Kindle books.


There is a mudslide and a margarita.


When we get hungry, we go to Las Brisa for lunch. The buffet is Mexican themed. The food, overall, is bland. The chicken lime soup is pretty good.


The other things I get are bland.


Zung had his shrimp fajitas, which were yummy, as always.


I had yummy french fries. Hot, fresh and crispy. (Seriously, that’s how I order them).


Zung has his Victoria beer.


I ask for Sauvignon Blanc, but they don’t have it. I am not that excited about the white wine they bring me. So, I have a glass of bubbles.


Azael is our waiter, and he brings us coconut ice cream because he remembers how much we like it. He is amazing. The service is stellar.



It is a good start to New Year’s Eve.



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  1. hi andrea – i absolutely love your white mesh swimsuit in this photo with the sparkles – can I please ask where you bought it ????

    1. Thank you! Victoria’s secrets, it was my go-to place for swim suits when they still made them.

  2. Thanks so much for letting me know – i heard that VS was possibly starting swimwear again !!!! – you always look so lovely in your swimwear and absolutely beautiful dresses and shoes xxxxxxx

    1. You’re welcome! That would be so awesome if they did. I used to get my dresses from Rent the Runway. My shoes have taken years to curate. 😉

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