Dinner and Drinks and Daniel

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We are greeted by one of the always pleasant bell boys. He gives us a cool cloth to wipe away any remaining travel grungies, and then takes us to the lobby to check in. We are brought champagne. Okay, it’s not really champagne, it’s sparkling wine, if you need to get all technical about it.


Check in takes a very long time because so many people come to say hello. First, Adrianne, the new assistant GM, comes out to introduce herself and say hello. Next, Fernando Camacho, the new manager of PR comes out to introduce himself. (He’s kind of hot, isn’t he?)


We chat with him for awhile, back and forth while checking in. He asks for any feedback I may have during our stay and I assure him I will. Finally, Daniel comes over to say hello. I tell Fernando that Daniel is our favorite. That doesn’t sound quite right. Daniel is a good friend. We enjoy seeing him at the lobby bar and love the drinks that he makes for us. However, we also enjoy seeing him outside of the hotel and keeping in touch when we are back home, in cold, snowy Colorado.

We have finally completed check-in. They do try to make it as quick and easy as possible. With this being the 20th time we have visited I think they may have our passport numbers memorized.

We are taken to Building 71. Victor is there, and we say hello. We go up to our room, 7141, 3rd floor corner suite.



There is the ceremonial removal of the watch (CROW). Cause I don’t wear a watch on vacation. Ahhhh, I never get tired of saying that.


The room has the requested (by email) bottle of Havana Siete and our pillows of choice. The butler comes by (he is a new one) to check if there is anything else we need. We ask for limes. He checks to make sure we have a hair dryer and asks if we want the temperature lowered.There is a plate of meat and cheese and a basket of fruit and bottle of red wine. Such a welcoming greeting.

We unpack and pour some Havana Siete, neat.


We have 6:45 reservations at Las Brisa, for which we are 15 minutes late. Alberto, Sarah and Adrianne are waiting outside when we walk up and greet us. We chat a bit. They leave when we go into the restaurant and I realize they must have been waiting for us and I feel bad that we were late.

We are seated and order a bottle of red wine. Dinner is very good. This has become one of my favorite restaurants. We start with the Chicken Lime soup.


Zung has steak.


I have the lobster.


Everything is really good. I have enjoyed all the dishes, except for one (I think it was the lamb mixiote) that we have had here. I am trying to try more things, than the chicken molé, which is so good and I like so much.

When we are finished with dinner we walk to the lobby bar. The hotel is so beautifully decorated.




We sidle up to the lobby bar and it is an evening with Mango Martinis (can you say “Yum”?), margharitas, chocolate cake shots, and a cucumber mojito. Isn’t the reflection on the bar in this shot so very cool?


Zung loves Daniel’s margharitas.


I just love Daniel. I call him my third son.


Rafael comes by to say hello, and we chat. I always love seeing the latest pictures of his kids.


I take a picture of my Valentino’s (remember, they were the Baby Friendly celebration shoes) in the bar lights, because it looks cool. I’m not sure if it’s as cool here as it seemed that night, under the influence of a few of Daniel’s drinks.


I am feeling pretty drunk, so we leave kind of early.


Did I mention how good it is to be home?



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  1. LOVE the corner suite! Can’t wait for ours in January! I can’t believe you got those Valentino shoes- they are amazing!! I have the knock offs- just started putting boys through college this year and I think the real deal Valentinos are a few years away for me….at least, lol. So happy to read about your trips! <3

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