New Year’s Eve Trip

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The idea for a New Year’s Eve trip came to us when we were in Santa Fe, for Labor Day. We checked airfare and it looked decent. The thought of being at the Grand for NYE sounded very exciting. When we got home from our Labor Day trip, we checked on hotel rates. It being a holiday, they were pretty high, but doable. We asked our son, Nicholas, who had gone to Italy in May, and somehow never come back, if he planned to be home for NYE. He wasn’t sure, but would let us know. So, we waited to hear back from him. And waited, and waited and waited.

It wasn’t like nothing was happening in our lives while we waited. My hospital had it’s site visit for our Baby Friendly designation. This was something I had wanted for over 20 years and I had been working on, and pouring my heart and soul into, for the last three years. If you don’t know what Baby Friendly is, Google it. Let’s just say it was a BFD. The site visit came up just after Labor Day and five weeks later, on my birthday, no less, we got the call that we passed and were now a Baby Friendly designated hospital. Best. Birthday. Ever.


There was a very nice celebratory bottle of wine. And shoes. You knew there would be celebratory shoes, right?



I rewarded myself by stepping down as coordinator of my hospital’s lactation program. This was my zenith. It was time to rest on my laurels. Besides, I had gotten called or texted from work one too many times while I was on vacation.

I was still working furiously on my thesis for my Master’s degree. Zung was still working furiously on his business. We went to Las Vegas. Our other son, Patrick, and his girlfriend, Cat, moved in with us. Life was full.

Nicholas had left for Italy in May, for three moths, to study cooking at some different restaurants. I specifically told him not to fall in love. What do you think he did? This boy “does not follow instructions well.” And it’s complicated. He did promise he would be home for Christmas, but he wasn’t sure if he would stay for NYE. When he finally decided he would not, we promptly booked our NYE trip to the Grand.

Time passed quickly.

We adopted a dog, Sophie. She has utterly and completely stolen our hearts. And she has only chewed one pair of my shoes. They were ugly. She did me a favor. They were most definitely not heels or designer shoes. That would have earned her a fast ticket back to the Humane Society.


There was Thanksgiving. Nicholas arrived home. There was Christmas.


Nicholas’ girlfriend, Tizzy, came to visit.


We had quite a full house for a while.

The day before we left for Mexico, I gave blood, which kicked my ass. I was whipped. So, I went to bed early.

Life had been full. I was, literally, drained. I was ready for some relaxation, sun, sand and rum (lots of rum).


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