Time to go home : (

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It is our going home day. This has been our longest beach vacation ever, twelve days. When I was not feeling good I thought maybe that was too long, but then I started to feel better and I could stay a few more days. It has been a nice vacation. We enjoyed our time with our friends at Secrets Playa Mujures. Spending Father’s Day with Daniel and Matthew was special. Getting to finally meet Joe and David was truly the highlight of the trip. It is always nice to spend time with Steve and Janelle. And it is always awesome to see all our Grand friends.

Usually we get up early so we can get some decent beach time on the day we go home. However, that concept is not compatible with going to sleep at 2 am, the night before. So, we slept in late. We have our final breakfast at Bella Vista. We had Mimosas and Zung enjoyed his last omelette until the next vacation.


I think I may have posted this picture before, but Azael is so awesome, it is worth posting again. He has provided us with consistently amazing service every breakfast and lunch. It is a pleasure starting out the day seeing his smiling face.


I see the kid with the busted ankle and he is off the crutches. I say what a bummer for it to have happened on vacation and he says, well, at least they will remember him next time.

After breakfast we go back to the room and pack. I go out to the beach for 45 minutes. Gabriel is not there and I am bummed because I wanted to get a picture of him. Instead I take a picture of my happy place.


It is soon time to go back to the room, finish packing and shower. After the bell boy comes to get our bags we go to Las Brisa for our last vacation lunch.


No surprises here. Zung has his shrimp fajitas, and I have the tornedos, with fries.


I am sad.


A bowl of coconut ice cream cheers me up! As does the generous glass of wine Azael poured me.


Steve and Janelle come to walk us to the lobby. As we walk by the pool, we see Gabiel! He has been a most awesome beach waiter and he has a wonderful smile as well.


We finally make it to the lobby and check out. Raul and Alberto come out to say good-bye. Raul is the tall dude between Zung and I. He has since moved to the Grand Bavaro. Alberyo is next to me and Julio is next to him. Julio works the front desk and is very hot.


Our transportation takes us to the airport and we get a couple bottles of Havana Siete at the Duty Free store. We go to Bubba Gump, and incredibly, the same waiter I had when I was here in January, is our waiter today. I’m not sure he remembers, but I do because he asked me for a kiss when he brought my check.


Here we are in January.


Zung and I toast to a great vacation! And here’s t0 the next one!




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  1. Looking forward to your next “adventure ” at the Grand ! Thank you Andrea ! 👍👏

    1. Thanks for being such a faithful reader, Jack!

  2. Hi, Andrea! When we returned, I was going to buy Havana Club at the airport. The lady who was selling it to me said I may be stopped at re-entry and have to pay a fine Sadly, I didn’t buy any. She had us worried. I did ask when we arrived and they told me I could bring 2 bottles. What was the most amount of bottles you brought back to the States? I am asking Stephen and Gianna to bring me a bottle back next week. But TSA told me it would have been fine. I tried the Havana Siete since you recommended it. That was my final drink at the lobby bar. As a first-time vacationer at IGP, I learned so much from your blog. Thank you!!!!

    1. This is a really gray area right now because although we have normalized relations with Cuba, the trade embargo has not been lifted. We have brought it back many times. You are allowed two bottles per person of liquor. The bottles they seek at Duty Free are large and will last you awhile.

  3. Glad to see your blog was updated. Looking forward to reading about your next vacay.

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