Beach Dinner

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When we returned to our room we found that the maid had organized our toiletries to within an inch of their lives. She clearly took her job seriously.


Tonight was our beach dinner. I had lucked out that this dress matched my pink Manolo Blahniks perfectly. It also was so tight, I didn’t even have to wear Spanx. Can I just say that the woman who invented Spanx should have been given a nobel prize. But I did, just for good measure. My hair was still not cooperating though.


We walked to La Brisa and Carlos, the head butler met us and took us outside to our table.We had planned to bring the wine that had been in our room when we arrived, but had forgotten it, so we asked him to go get it for us.

We start out with some sparkling wine.



Everything is beautiful. They do such a lovely job with these dinners. It is windy, as it usually is, but being eight by the ocean makes it worth it.


The wine is very good.


David is our waiter and he does a really outstanding job. There are four courses. You get to choose a set menu from three options, lobster thermidore, beef tournedos or vegetarian. There is also the option of doing a dinner in the Presidential Suite or a Honeymoon villa (based on availability) and for an additional fee you can spend the night. They have different menu options. See the Page “Romantic Dinners” above (right under the cover picture) for more detailed information.

I have tried all three menu options at different times. Tonight I am having the tournedos and Zung is having the Lobster Thermidore. My first course is a ratatouille.


Zung has fried brie.


His next course is bouillabaisse.


My next course is smoked salmon on toast with hollandaise.




Desserts were a chocolate coulant and crepes suzette.


I guess they were worried that we hadn’t had enough to eat because they brought some white chocolates.


It was a lovely dinner.





Alberto comes by to say hello and ask how our dinner is going.

The grounds are really beautiful at night.


We take the rest of the wine to the Lobby Bar and when Joe and David come by we share it with them It isn’t nearly as amazing as the wine we had with them yesterday, but it is a pretty darn decent red wine.

We have a great time at the Lobby Bar. There must have been some kind of discussion about my shoes because this picture is taken.


The four of us go to the magic show. Then we all go back to the bar. Rafael comes by to say hello. Steve and Janelle show up. Janelle does not stay long because she is still not feeling great. But she is there long enough for this picture to be taken. We clearly are having a good time!


The photographical evidence supports that we continued to have a great time.






It gets late. And we take a picture of Zung’s watch to prove it!


I’m not sure how late we stay at the bar. We eventually go back to our room. We are greeted by this


and this


and this


so I do this


There is a bottle of champagne also. We do not open it and end up taking it home with us. This trip was amazing with all the bottles of champagne and chocolates and bubble baths. We couldn’t even keep up with all the champagne and chocolates. Each trip I have thought that I don’t know how they could make it more special and then they make it more special.

It is almost two o’clock before we go to sleep. It was a pretty amazing day.








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  1. Just wanted to say WOW to what looked like a special evening ! I dare say you were treated like royalty ! Lol.. Great photos..

  2. Love your dress! Where did you get that? and when is your next trip?

    1. Thanks! I got that dress at a boutique in Boulder, called Gillette. It is just a couple doors down from my favorite breakfast/brunch restaurant, where there is usually a long wait for a table. That’s a dangerous combination!

  3. You need to send me your address, so I can break into your house and steal your shoes!( hopefully they’re 40’s??) Thanks so much for your blog, We went last year to Pariso totally based on your reviews, heading to Rose Hall tomorrow, hope we won’t be disappointed. Good luck with the lactation nurse thing. You two are my idols!

    1. Thanks! Sounds like we are not the same shoe size! Enjoy your vacation!

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