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We stop to take a picture of the tranquility pool, which we pass on our way to breakfast at Bella Vista. I have never spent much time here. We have gone in the pool an handful of times, but it is too far from the ocean to hang out here. In the morning it definitely is tranquil. The pool has two hot tubs, one on each end. There is excellent drink service provided here, usually by Mirna.


We go inside and take a picture of the chefs on tour poster. Each month they had a guest chef from Michelin starred restaurants. These were events that cost extra. When I was here in January they were having one of these events. I passed on it since I was traveling alone. The last time we were at the Grand I asked Rafael if they were going to do this again and he said they currently had no plans to.


We don’t take any pictures at breakfast. We do however run into Steve. He is there alone. He says that after the wine tasting yesterday, Janelle got sick and had a very rough night. I wonder if we had the same thing. It sounds like she was much sicker.

After breakfast Zung works and I go out to the beach. Aldo is our waiter today and he tells me that Gabriel is at the Lobby Bar. I try to chat with Aldo, but quickly realize that what I had thought was unfriendliness is actually that he does not speak a lot of English. It turns out that he is very friendly.

I try to get in the water, but it is too rough for me. Janelle comes out and lays down and goes to sleep. She doesn’t move the entire time she is out there and I start staring at her to make sure that she is at least breathing. Thank goodness that she is.

Zung comes out and orders a Corona.


I order a mudslide.


Steve comes by at 12:30 and tells us that it is time for salsa lessons, which Janelle and I wanted to do. I ask Janelle if she is up for it and she says she is. Erik is the instructor and he tells us to get sexy when we move our hips. I am a terrible dancer and he is very patient with me. It is really hot to be so active. I am worried about Janelle, but she made it through. She’s even smiling!


We go have lunch.


That is one sad pile of fries next to those lobster!

After lunch we head back to the beach, but see Joe and David in the pool, so we get in with them. Then we move to the tranquility pool. Steve and Janelle join us. We get to meet the famous Mirna and she is so sweet! Joe and David know her well. The six of us talk until it is time for us to go inside and get ready for our beach dinner. This day has really flown by.







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  1. Despite the awful night, it turned out to be a pretty nice day! I’m glad that I was able to rally for salsa lessons with you. I do remember it being very hot during our lesson and all I wanted was water! You did a good job dancing and I’m glad I didn’t pass out! Thanks for keeping an eye on me Chica A;)

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