Wine tasting

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To update you, I defended my thesis last Friday, successfully! My manuscript was accepted for publication to the American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing. It was a big week for me. I also had sliding shelves installed into my pantry, which is probably what I was most excited about! This week I’m resting on my laurels. Next week I need to decide what I’m going to do when I grow up. I know what I’ll BE, a lactation consultant. I just need to decide now if I’ll continue to work 2-3 days a week and start watching soap operas and eating bon bons the rest of the time, or if I’ll find something a little more interesting. Although, I don’t know, if I could learn Spanish, I’ve heard those telenovelas are pretty interesting.

We now return to our regularly scheduled blog.

We arrive at the wine tasting. Joe has brought the wines. Joe knows wine and is passionate when talking about them. He turned us on to one of our favorite wineries, Peju, in Napa. It was a Peju wine with which we celebrated my successful thesis defense.


Angel pours for us. He does a stellar job.


Of course David is there.


Here’s another picture of David that is great. He looks like he can’t wait to taste that wine.


Steve and Janelle are  having a good time.


IMG_8677 (1).JPG

Zung is too.


And me, well, you know me, if there is wine, I am having a good time and if it’s really good wine, as it is this day, I am having a freaking great time.


At some point, Joe and Steve go into Bella Vista and get some food to pair with the wine. There is cheese and meats and fruits. We nibbled and say, that goes well, or, that didn’t go as well as I thought it would.


There are three wines, a white, and two reds, and at the end, Angel brings out some rosé bubbles. The weather is lovely, warm and with a nice breeze. The wines are amazing.


The time spent with friends is even more amazing.






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  1. Kristi says:

    Good job on the thesis! I have SO much respect for lactation consultants; I had my daughter 5 months ago and I am pretty sure a couple wonderful LC’s saved my sanity!

  2. NiceNewYorker says:

    Doesn’t get much better than great friends and amazing wine! Definitely, one of the most memorable experiences we have ever had at the Grand!

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