Hot, hot, hot!

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It’s another beautiful day at the Grand.


We have breakfast at Bella Vista. Can you guess whose plate this is?


I have some watermelon juice and some of the green juice because Joe told me it makes you feel really good. I am still not feeling great, so I am hoping it has some restorative powers. It doesn’t taste half bad.


We go back to the room and get ready for the beach.


I get a call from Janelle and they are going to the beach at Puerto Morelos with Daniel and Matthew and do we want to go with them? I say my stomach is still iffy and I don’t want to be away from the hotel, so we pass. It sounded fun though.

We had talked about doing a dinner with them and Joe and David because Joe and David had brought some wonderful wines with them that they wanted to share with all of us. Steve recommended tasting them out on the terrace outside of Bella Vista, so we were going to meet there at 2:30.

We were told by someone (can’t remember who) that Victor is working in Building # 70, so we go over to say hi and chat with him for awhile. He is doing well.


The beach and weather are simply gorgeous today.


But there are still clumps of seaweed coming in.





Remember, this was June, 2015. When I was there in January 2016, this problem seemed to had resolved. For now, anyway. Mother nature is in charge and she will do what she damn well pleases, when she damn well pleases.

But the view is great from here…


One thing that I like to do, but often am too lazy to do, is go over to the shopping center for tacos. I decided that today was the day.

The shopping center has several restaurants and they are part of the all-inclusive. In addition to the taqueria, there is a crepe/ice-cream shop, and hamburger place, but that doesn’t open until later and stays open until the disco closes, and a place that has drinks.The drink place has wait service, so if you are sitting outside, they will come take your order. There is also a coffee shop, with snacks.

We get a ride from one of the butlers, and chat on the way over. He is from Mexico City. I don’t think I have met anyone who works here who is originally from here.

We both get tacos el pastor, but there is no pineapple, so it’s not as good as when it has pineapple. It is still good though. Zung also gets one with shrimp, because he is missing his shrimp fajitas.There are a few tables inside, all taken, so we go outside. Even in the shade it is hot as hell, literally.


I had originally thought we’d get some crepes for dessert, but we are full.

You go up to a counter to order your tacos and they have drinks as well. A waiter comes around to the tables to see if you want any more to drink. He picks up the plates too.

We finish eating and then walk around the shops. That doesn’t take too long. There are lots of families there, which means there are lots of kids. Don’t get me wrong, I love kids. But as I’ve said before, they are noisy and loud. When they are sad, when they are happy, they are noisy and loud. That’s not redundant either. Noisy means they are talking all the time, loud means, well, you know what loud means. I look forward to the day when I can take my grandkids (the ones I don’t have yet) to the Maya. Until then, I’m happy with the adults only Grand.

Because it is so hot, we call for a ride back to the Grand. It is a nice walk when it is cooler, but it is hot, hot, hot, today. Instead of going to the beach when we get back, we go to the air conditioned comfort of our room. Zung naps and I take some blog notes, until it is time to go to the wine tasting.




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  1. Great blog! We’re heading back to Iberostar Grand late April. Last time was in Sep 2010. Can’t wait! Any suggestions?


    1. Visit the shopping center. Take a walk through all the hotels. Walk down the beach and then walk through the grounds of all of them. Have Daniel make you a cucumber mojito.

  2. I love all the info on this blog. I just want to say thank you for all the work you put into it. I will definitely visit the shops. And may I say you look amazing in every bikini! Almost 3 weeks away! Can’t wait.

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