Still limping along

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We get ready for dinner, which will be at Toni’s tonight. I bought this dress at the Nordstrom Rack. Since I have a Nordstrom debit card I get a certain amount of free alterations. I thought the waist needed to be nipped in just a bit. When I tried it, the tailor and the salesgirl both said, at the same time, “Perfect.” I looked at them, kind of narrowed my eyes, and said, “It needs to be taken in a little.” It’s Nordstrom, so the tailor took it in. They don’t tell the customer she is wrong. And it really did make the dress look better.


The shoes I bought in San Francisco, last Labor Day, when Susie and I went for a girl’s weekend. I got them at DSW in Union Square, which is a huge store. I tried them on and pretty much fell in love. But I took a picture and left them on the shelf. Then I couldn’t stop thinking about them and of course, as this picture proves, I went back and bought them.

Zung had the lobster soup at Toni’s. I had a Caesar salad.


See that shadow in the corner? I don’t know where that comes from. It’s something wrong with our camera and this was the trip where I hit the wall and when we got home I bought a new camera.

I had a rib-eye. I almost always have a rib-eye at Toni’s. They are just that good. I also had the potatoes lyonnaise.


Zung had the salmon. It was good but probably would have been better if they had cooked it a little less. That is a common theme with fish at any restaurant at the Grand.


Zung had some dessert. This is called Bacon From Heaven. I’m not sure why it’s called that, because it has no bacon. It’s a heavy flan.


After we are finished with dinner we head to the lobby bar. We chat briefly with a lovely couple. I could have sworn I wrote down their names, but I can’t find it. I think they were the Jacksons.


There is a young guy there who is on crutches. He seems to be feeling no pain, probably because he is drinking tequila shots and beers. He seems at loose ends. He leaves, with a beer in his hand and he hops on the crutches. I am really worried he is going to fall. He comes back, has another shot. I whisper to Daniel that I am worried about him falling. He assures me he is keeping an eye on him.

Daniel makes Zung a Margherita and me a cucumber mojito, which I nurse all night.


Joe and David show up and we talk for awhile, but I am tired and we call it an early night. I am still feeling off and wondering why I can’t seem to shake this stomach thing.



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