Better Than Yesterday

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I have slept poorly, but I am initially feeling better. We go to Bella Vista for breakfast, and I have some tea and eat, but I skip the Mimosa. Zung’s appetite is just as strong as ever. His desire for variety is just as weak as ever.


We are usually up early and the resort is quiet and calm. No pool music or the low hum of a thousand people talking. There is just the sound of the fountain in the pool.


Our friends Dave and Laurie are Grand fans too. Laurie takes spectacular photos when she is there. If you are a member of the Facebook Iberostar Grand Paraiso page, you will have seen her work. While I know we could never take such amazing pictures, especially since we don’t have such amazing equipment, whenever I see her pictures it makes me think that we need to step up our game. If for no other reason than the blog.

After breakfast, we make our way to the beach. We actually take a walk today.


Since I have been working on this blog for some time now, I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it already, but there was a ridiculous amount of seaweed this time. It’s called Sargassum. You can see it in this picture. It was a constant topic on the forums and the Facebook page. People were almost obsessive about it. There was a lot of it. And I mean, a whole lot.

Here you can see a big clump of it coming in from the ocean.


We don’t walk far. We go back and have some Mimosas. I’m feeling better. Or, at least, I am trying to will myself to feel better. Steve and Janelle come by to say hi. They are at the pool.

We switch it up a bit for lunch. We go back to the room so we can order that club sandwich I wanted yesterday. We also order the avocado and prawn salad, which is one of my very favorite things to eat here at the Grand. I do notice that the prawns are smaller than they used to be. They used to be enormous. The lunch really hits the spot, and I really wish I could get a club sandwich at Las Brisa. We ordered some coconut ice cream as well, which is always delicious.


We go back to the beach and Joe and David come by and we end up chatting the afternoon away, and enjoying some Mudslides in the process. (I miss those guys so much).


I definitely feel better than yesterday, but not a 100% yet.

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