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The maid has left us a towel animal. I’m not quite sure what it is supposed to be, but I am sure that it is cute, and we always appreciate the towel sculptures. I have learned that some maids do them and some do not. I read reviews, and comments in forums, where some people complain that they didn’t get any towel art. I suspect that not every maid can create them. I know I sure couldn’t. Also, some may be able to, but can’t do that and get their work done. Maybe when things are slower, they can. I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you don’t get towel art, give them the benefit of the doubt and don’t complain about it. And if it really means that much to you, talk to your butler or concierge about it.


We get ready for dinner, which is at the Japanese restaurant.


When we arrive we request to be seated at a regular table instead of the teppanyaki table. The last few times we sat at the teppanyaki table the cooking show was pretty decent, but it generally is a longer dinner, and since I still wasn’t feeling great, we didn’t plan on lingering.

Alberto came in and came over and asked us how we were and how everything was. We realized that he was checking in with us every evening the way Rafael used to and we appreciated that.

I order a glass of champagne, but I am just not feeling it. They bring us some sushi that is sort of an amuse-bouche. Zung eats most of it.


He has the shrimp skewers for an appetizer. I have some soup and that tastes really good.


Zung has the chicken wok dish and fried rice.


I have the lemon beef filet and fried rice. I don’t know what is up with that pink stuff, but it reminds me of pepto bismol.  I eat some of my dinner, but it is not sitting well with me, so I don’t eat much. The manager notices and comes over to ask if everything is ok with my food. I explain that I am just not feeling well. He suggests a remedy, but it involves beer and I tell him I don’t like beer on a good day. I appreciate the attention and recommendation though.


I order the mango dessert, but tell them I don’t want the rice part. The mango is presented beautifully but it is covered with some kind of sweet sauce, which I do not like as much as just plain mango.

We finish up and walk to the lobby and see Rafael and Alberto. Rafael is surprised that we are finished with dinner so early, and I explain that I am not feeling good. Rafael is very concerned and asks if I think it is something I ate. I really don’t. It seems that many people, when they go to Mexico and if they get sick, they are sure it was something they ate or the water. For the most part I don’t buy that. There are so many places you can pick up germs. Then there is personal resistance. Zung and I eat and drink similar things, and he never gets sick. I tend to have a more sensitive stomach overall.

We go to the lobby bar. We talk to Daniel. We meet the Joel and Dana Judd, who are on the Grand Facebook page. Rafael and Alberto come over and talk to us. Steve and Janelle join us. We all talk for a long time and take some pictures.


I go over to Greg to give him some information I got for him about Isla. When I come back Janelle has had Daniel make me a cucumber mojito. I tell Rafael how Daniel and I came up with the cucumber mojito. I would get them at a restaurant in Denver and when I was here, the time that I met Daniel, on our last night I asked if he could make one. They didn’t have any cucumbers. Daniel had someone go get one from the spa. He asked me how to make it, and I was like, I dunno. He made one version, which was pretty darn yummy. I got halfway through that and then he made another version. That was even yummier and is the very cucumber mojito he makes today. He purees cucumber with the rum and adds that to a mojito. Once he added champagne and that was really good. I told Rafael I thought they needed to put it on the drink menu and name it after me, because it was my idea. They probably should call it the Andrea/Daniel cucumber mojito, but that’s a little cumbersome to say.

I don’t drink much of my cucumber mojito and soon we leave. I just want to go to bed.



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  1. Thanks for the mention Andrea. It was very nice for us to meet you and Zung! We had no idea you were not feeling well that night, so it is impressive that you remembered!

    1. My memory is great when I take good notes! It was a pleasure meeting both of you.

  2. Looking amazing again i really need a holiday… are you guys on facebook?

  3. Nothing worse than getting sick on vacation! Do you have a new countdown to go back yet?

  4. Thanks for that comment about the towel art. When we went in January we did not have any towel art, but I was not expecting it. Our maid did an amazing job and I was completely satisfied. Really, if towel art is something you are going to the Grand for, I think your priorities are off. 🙂

  5. I love the blue dress. You don’t look sick that’s for sure. The food looks so good, too bad you didn’t feel like eating it. I wonder what the pink (pepto bismol) drizzle taste like.

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