The Day After

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Breakfast arrives and it looks wonderful.DSCN5047

Unfortunately, I feel anything but. I am either hungover, or sick, or both. Probably both. We had planned to make Mimosas with the mango juice we ordered and the champagne they delivered last night. But I cannot even drink the tea.

I stay in bed for a long time. Finally I get up and go to the beach. I drink ginger ale and some water. I go back to the room and get the Pringles and that helps settle my stomach a little. I get a text from Janelle that they are in the lobby, checking in. When the hotel first opened, if you had an ocean front room, check-in took place in your room. You bypassed the lobby. Then for awhile they did a combination of the two. Or they would have you go sit in the bar for a bit before they took you to your room. Now they just check you in at the lobby. I am curious as to why they did away with the in room check in. I should ask.

I see Joe and David and we chat. They are feeling a little rough too from all the libations last night. I go to use the restrooms by the pool, as they are cleaning our room. When I come back, Joe and David are still there and talking to Steve and Janelle. Janelle sees me and we run to each other and hug and do that back and forth thing you do when you are excited to see someone. Joe and David head off to search for a good place to go into the ocean. I tell them about the calm, rock-free area just south of the Grand. 

Steve and Janelle and I talk about the four of us having lunch together. However, they get sidetracked when they go over to the pool bar. Zung and I wait for a bit, but decide to go ahead and go eat. I am not very hungry. I go to the buffet and get some rice and a couple egg rolls. 


I am not much of a buffet fan. I do fine with the breakfast buffet, but the lunch buffet has never inspired me, and it seems to have gotten even worse. The food just tastes so bland. There are some days when I would love a nice big salad, or a sandwich. Really, the only place you can get a sandwich is room service. They have a really nice club sandwich. On occasion they will have one of the chefs making caesar salads. Those are always very good. Today I take a few bites of rice and eat one of the egg rolls. Just not feeling it.

After lunch we go back to the beach and read and rest. I get hungry and order a hamburger. The menu is limited for what you can order on the beach. What I’d really like is one of those club sandwiches, but that can only be ordered in the room from room service. Which really seems quite silly. But, a hamburger it is. 


They call these Kobe burgers, but I find that hard to believe. They have a weird texture and I don’t eat more than a few bites. It is just not good at all. It does not help my very unsettled stomach at all. 

When we go back to the room I make a rum and coke, and oddly, that makes me feel better. Briefly.


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4 Responses to The Day After

  1. NiceNewYorker says:

    Such a memorable trip!! I’m so glad we were all there together!!

  2. Monica says:

    I recover relatively fast on vacation and have not had a hang over yet (knock on wood). I would just order the sandwich from room service and take it down to the beach.

  3. Sheila says:

    You are spending too much time at sea level!! Take that into your equation about alcohol intake. Just love Nice New Yorker. You two couples are just great!

  4. shoediva50 says:

    I beg to differ! I am not spending ENOUGH time at sea level. LOL!
    I love NNY too!

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