Zung’s Birthday – Part I

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On Thursday morning the photographic evidence would indicate that we slept well past sunrise. The Zungrise picture he did get makes it look like the sun is floating under the water.


Today is Zung’s 68th birthday. The first time we celebrated his birthday he was 30, but he told me he was 29. That’s what he thought was true. How do you lose track of an entire year? I only mention it because for what I thought was his 30th birthday I bought him 30 presents. Do you know how hard it is to think of 30 presents? Then I found out it was not his 30th, but his 31st. I told him that he owed me 29 presents back and he said I owed him another present. We still haven’t decided that one.

Breakfast is at Bella Vista. I ask Olivia for Chilaquilles. She makes me a huge plate and it is super spicy. Good, but super spicy and I don’t do it justice.


Zung gets his usual, with a side of Mimosa.


After breakfast I go to yoga. I am the only one this time. Afterwards, I go back to the room. Zung was going to work (who works on their birthday when they ar at the beach?), but the internet is down, so he is forced to go out to the beach with me.

It is Gabriel’s day off. He really is an awesome beach waiter.

At some point I go back to the room and they have decorated it for Zung’s birthday. We have spent several birthdays here, between the two of us, and this is the best decorations ever. There is a towel sculpture that looks like a birthday cake, with confetti, and there are balloons all over the room.


We go to lunch, where the usual suspects make their appearance.



I ask them to bring Zung a tequila shot. They bring him a Mexican flag. It went well with his coconut ice cream.IMG_1614

Back at the beach, I had a rum and ginger ale, and Zung had a margarita.


After lunch, I walked down the beach to the new club beach area. The “club” is a vacation club that you can purchase that will give you discounts on rooms and provide you with special amenities, like this special, club members only area on the beach. No one is here today. There was no one here yesterday. It would be nice to have an exclusive area on the beach during busy times. However, I think these loungers look cheap and out of place with the beautiful palapas and wicker furniture on the rest of the beach.


They are setting up for some big function on the beach.


And here is a totally gratuitous bikini shot.








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6 Responses to Zung’s Birthday – Part I

  1. Anna Maria says:

    Love all the info and photos. I read your entire blog. You and your husband look great! I booked because of your blog. Will you be there in April? Also, what time do the shows start so I know when to book dinners. Thanks.

    Sent from my iPhone


    • shoediva50 says:

      Thank you!
      The shows start at ten.
      No plans to go in April. I’m a graduate student and that’s my last semester, so probably a definite no.

      • Anna Maria says:

        I’m glad the shows are late so that they won’t interfere with dinner. I am so looking forward to this vacation with my husband. Next year is our 30th anniversary. When I meet Daniel at the bar, I will mention your name and take a photo with him. I need a cucumber drink, too! Again, your info is amazing. I was stuck between Secrets Moroma and IGP, and you made up my mind reading your blog. It’s too cold in Philly, and I need some heat! Who knows? Maybe the next time I return to IGP I can give you that star moment and say, “Hello, Andrea/Shoediva.”

  2. shoediva50 says:

    The shows are really good. Usually we get so settled in at the bar, we don’t make that many of them. When you are there, if you get a chance to talk to anyone from PR, the GM out his assistants, I would love it if you told them how my blog influenced your decision.
    I grew up in Philly, I remember those cold winters. Brrrr!

    • Anna Maria says:

      I absolutely will let them know. Is this private? I want to send you a pic so you can see us.

      Sent from my iPhone


    • Anna Maria says:

      Oops! Just realized I was on the blog. So no pic. But maybe you can email privately. But I will let people know. I had every intention to let them know. You should get free vacations there!

      Sent from my iPhone


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