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We return to the beach and spend the afternoon napping, reading, talking to Enzo, one of the Starfriends who is from Italy. It is pretty much just another day at the beach.

I have Zung take my picture as I looked at the ocean. I am trying to get one of those awesome beach reflected in my sunglasses photos. What I end up with is several mediocre beach reflected in my sunglasses pictures.


There is also photographic evidence of a chips and guacamole order.


While there is no photographic evidence, I know that we go back to the room and spend some time in the balcony jacuzzi. Then we get showered and dressed for dinner.


Dinner is at the Mexican restaurant. Zung enjoys a shot of tequila with a Sangrita chaser before we sat down. I don’t enjoy tequila at all. Shot, mixed, sipped or chased.


We both have the chicken mole. It is fabulous, as it always is.


Zung has some flan for dessert.


As we walk to the lobby bar we pass a tree with an iberostar pattern in the sand.


It is Wednesday, so there is the party/show by the pool. We have never gone to this. We go instead to the lobby bar because we know it will be quiet and a good time to talk with Daniel.

The decorations are nice.


We have brought a present for Rafael’s new baby and take it to the lobby counter and ask them to give it to him. Daniel makes me a cucumber mojito with champagne instead of club soda. It is very good.


We meet this couple, and I didn’t include it in my notes, so I can’t tell you their names, and I apologize to them for that.


I didn’t take a lot of notes, but we took a lot of pictures and it there is definite photographic evidence of a good time.



Charly comes by to chat. We love catching up with him and finding out how his son and wife are. He is graduating this Sunday and is very excited about that. I’ll jump ahead to the trip we just took in January. Charly was not there. He has moved to another hotel. He’s doing well but he says he misses his friends at the Grand. We miss him too!




After having maybe too much fun, we go back to our room and I take some notes and then go to sleep.


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  1. Hmm…cucumber mojito with champagne?? How come this is the first I’m hearing of this Chica A:)? I will definitely try during our next trip!

  2. I’ve never been a mojito fan but i might actually like it made with champagne. Champagne makes everything taste better.

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