Meeting Some of my Favorite People

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Is this not the most amazing view to wake up to?


Off to Bella Vista for breakfast we went. We sat in Azael’s section. He has a wonderful smile and is super-attentive. We started asking for him every day at breakfast and lunch.

DSCN5246We have Mimosas, and get our usual food.


After breakfast Zung stays in the room to work, and I neither stay in the room, nor work, unless you count working on my tan. Gabriel is our beach waiter most of the week that we are here and he is awesome. He brings me Mimosas.


Zung comes down and orders a Corona. I give Gabriel his tip when we order and say we are going in the water. When we come back he has left the Corona and the water I asked for in a bucket of ice so it doesn’t get warm. It keeps them nice and cold and I don’t know why I don’t ask for this all the time.



Off to lunch we go. I order lobster, but it is mushy. Zung orders lobster fajitas, but that lobster is mushy too.


The french fries are good though, and they have brought a big plate of them.


There is minestrone soup, so Zung has some of that.


He get some desserts. I really like the size of the desserts.


Our waiter asks if we want some coconut ice cream. Indeed I do. Actually, I wasn’t going to, but since they asked, we felt like it would be rude to say no. They bring three big scoops. I’m thinking Azael must have been our waiter today, because he has an amazing memory.


As we are leaving, I see two men perusing the buffet. I stop and look. I think I know who they are. One of them sees me looking and he says, Andrea? They are Joe and David, from Florida. They are Grand fans and Joe and I started communicating several years ago, on Trip Advisor. They are also wine fans and Joe has given me lots of good advice when we have gone to Napa. They had just arrived today. I have been really looking forward to meeting them. We got to hang out throughout the rest of our stay and I have to say, they are some of my very favorite people!

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  1. NiceNewYorker says:

    Ahh the coconut ice cream!! It has to be the perfect treat by the beach!
    Joe and David are awesome! I miss ALL of you!! What a great vacation with the nicest people!!

  2. shoediva50 says:

    I’ve never asked for it when on the beach. Next time I must!

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