Surprises Galore

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We decide to go back to the room and sit in the jacuzzi on the balcony. However, when we get to our room, one of the butlers is drawing a bath for us in the bathroom. So we sit in that bath.


The warm bath makes us sleepy, so we nap again.  It’s always fun to have rose petals, or other flower petals, on the bed. But, you look at it and say, “Oh, that’s pretty,” and then sweep the petals in the trash.


After we are thoroughly napped out, we get ready for dinner. You can see from this picture that my hair looked kind of sad. I struggled with it the entire trip.


We take a picture of Zung with one of the iconic wood horses at the bottom of the grand staircase.


Dinner tonight is at Vencia, the Italian restaurant. Zung gets his favorite, the calimari.


I have the salmon carpaccio, which I always enjoy.


Zung gets the lobster, which he enjoys.


I get the fresh fish of the day in a wrapper.



They say the fish is sea bass. Whatever it was, it is horribly overcooked, fishy and just not good at all. We have also ordered the lobster and shrimp risotto and that is very good and I have plenty to eat. The waiter asks why I’m not eating my fish and I say because it is not good. He asks if I want something else and I say no, the risotto is perfect.


We have dessert, which is fine.



Overall it was a decent dinner. The fish was really the only fail.


When we leave, the hostess asks how dinner was and we give her the mixed review.

After dinner we go to the bar. Of course we do! Daniel makes me a delicious cucumber mojito.



There is a magician who is going around and doing routines and he is pretty amazing. We chat with Alberto and Rafael. We tell them about Secrets, saying nothing happened to change our loyalties. Raul, one of the room service waiters that I keep in touch with between trips, comes by and says hello.

I order a mini-beer, which has no beer in it at all. I see these in people’s pictures all the time. I didn’t like it at all. It was too rich. But at least I can say I’ve tried it.


We go back to our room. There are beautiful chocolates and champagne that Raul brought by, and flower petals all over the bed.



There are petals from the door to the bed.



I insist on opening the champagne, and since it’s open, having a couple glasses. I don’t want to be wasteful!


This was a really amazing trip in this aspect of coming back to surprises, many nights. We just got back from our most recent trip a couple weeks ago, and there was none of this and I really missed it.

Tomorrow would be another wonderful day.






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  1. Hi Andrea,
    You mentioned that Zung wants to visit Vancouver, Canada. Our dollar
    is worth less than 69 cents US. This might be a good time to visit -although I would wait for warmer weather. Colleen

  2. Hi Andrea,
    Thanks for the review, I enjoy reading your experiences between visits to the Grand. And yes we are loyal guests as well always returning after visits to other locations.
    So glad you posted the “fish in plastic bag” we also ordered that and was disgusted, starting with the plopping it on the plate and scissors opening and squishing the contents out before you. Soooo very unappealing and how safe is cooking that in plastic. I think this dish has been on the menu for some time, definitely time to revamp the menu items. I wanted to post a comment else where but didn’t capture the event in a photo, and felt it difficult to express. Thank you for listening and hope Grand hears our thoughts? And agree that all the specials touches are amazing.

  3. That was an amazing trip!! I didn’t think you struggled with your hair:) I’ll have to send you our pictures (if I didn’t already).

  4. So enjoy reading your blogs – I struggle with my hair continuously in that humid climate and just try to not look in the mirror!
    Thank you for sharing your trips!

    1. You’re welcome! There have been trips when my hair curled up nicely. My hair dresser said it didn’t cooperate this time because it was too dry.

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