Everything is better at the Grand

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After a good sleep, we wake up to a partly cloudy morning, which kind of screws up the Zungrise picture.


We go to breakfast at Bella Vista. I like the selection better here at the Grand, than at Secrets. Today there are big bins, typical of buffets, but you never see them here. One of them has Chilaquilles. I ask Olivia if she made them, and she wants to know if they are good or not, before she answers. They are good and I go back for more, but they are all gone. I must have thought I was carb loading when I put this plate together.


Zung had, well an omelette of course! He always has a bunch of fruit too. I like the mangos, when they have them. I like the grapefruit, but can’t eat it because of my trigeminal neuralgia medication. The watermelon is good too.


Of course, there is a Mimosa, which tastes better at the Grand. They also have almond milk for my tea.


I also get to meet Diane, the woman I was looking for in the bar yesterday. She is leaving today, but at least we got to say hello. Neither of us took pictures though, to prove it.

After breakfast I go to yoga. There is another woman there. She is young. She says it is her first trip without her kids, grandma is watching them. When she took yoga the other day, her husband came and took it with her so she wouldn’t have to take it alone. I thought that was really sweet. I told her that sounded like the kind of thing a newlywed husband would do and she said they’d been married ten years. I tell her, he’s a keeper.

We do yoga. It is hot, outside in the sun. The instructor tells me it is okay to do the poses the way I’m used to, but then he keeps trying to correct me.

Afterwards, I go back to the room to get ready for the beach.


I go to the beach, while Zung stays in the room and works. The weekend is over, and it is time for him to put in some hours.

Gabriel, a most awesome beach waiter, is there. He brings me a mudslide. Yum. I call it an adult milkshake.


After a few hours Zung comes out. He has a Corona.


We go to lunch at Las Brisa. Azael is our waiter. He is such a good waiter, so attentive. Zung has shrimp fajitas (he is nothing, if not consistent), I have tournedos and fries.



We have coconut ice cream, with Kahlua, which had been recommended on the Facebook page. It was pretty, an absolutely gorgeous presentation. However, I felt like the Kahlua detracted from the deliciousness of the coconut ice cream, which is better here than anywhere else.


After this amazing lunch, we go back to the beach, and take a very long nap.

This wonderful day has yet more wonderful things to come.





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  1. Hi Andrea, I’m a long time reader enjoying the trip report and getting my “Grand fix” again through you.
    As a female tho, my first thought was that’s a “very cool bikini top” but doesn’t that metal collar on the top get hot in the sun? Lol – I’ve worn bikini bottoms kept together with some decorative metal bars at the hip area and ouch! they sure did get hot on the skin when laying in the sun. LOL.
    I have enjoyed hearing about your thoughts on the Secrets resort as I am having a hard time considering other resorts to try when the Grand does it so well.
    All the crab pictures freak me out – I’ve never seen them that big down there. I’ve seen lots of little ones – but those are pretty scary! Keep up the great reports Cheers

  2. Thanks! It did not get too hot. But I wear a hat, so that may have shaded it.
    The crabs were very creepy!

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