First Grand Dinner

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We shower. I am not going to lie, what you hear about the showers at the Grand is true. They run hot and cold. Scalding hot and very cold. The result is you kind of dance around in the shower. You definitely do not stand there for a long, relaxing shower. There are often complaints that there is no where to shave your legs in the shower. Of course, this is only a concern for those of us who shave our legs. There is a plastic stool in the bathroom that I take into the shower and it works great to put my leg up to shave. Housekeeping has always just left it in there for the time that I am there. There is also a scale in the bathroom. What on earth are they thinking? I never use this. Why would I want to know how much damage I am doing?

After we do our shower dancing and are dressed, we head off for dinner at  Toni’s.


We walk and as we are walking we pass a couple, who stop and say hello. They are Cathy and Dave, also from Colorado, and she and I had communicated online about being here at the same time.


We arrive at Toni’s and Alberto, the GM, is there and we meet one of his assistant GM’s, Sarah.

We are seated at a table with rose petals, and there is a bottle of wine on the table.


Our waiter comes and asks if we would like something to drink. We ask about the bottle of wine, is it for us? He says he will send over Luis, the sommelier. Luis comes over and tells us about the wine, and then says it costs extra. I later find out, a lot extra.  I am confused because we did not ask for this bottle of wine. We say we will just order something from the included list. It is awkward and confusing and we don’t like it. I’m not sure what the purpose of it was, other than to try to get us to buy the wine. Unfortunately, it felt like Luis avoided us for the rest of our stay. We had always enjoyed chatting with him on previous visits. Throughout our stay we saw other tables decorated and with bottles of wine on them before people arrived, and we wondered if this is a new tactic to upsell wine.

After this awkward start, we have a great dinner.

I have the seafood selection for an appetizer, and Zung has some soup.



Zung has the surf and turf with the rib-eye. Normally it comes with the filet, but they are happy to make these kind of substitutions for you. They will substitute different types of steaks or you can order two lobster tails and no steak.


I am happy with just a rib-eye.


Zung has dessert as well.


Usually we skip the lobby bar when we know that Daniel will not be there, which he is not tonight. However, there is someone who I would like to meet who said she might be there and she is leaving tomorrow.

Gustavo is there and he makes us a couple of cucumber martinis.


We chat with the dancers that are mingling. We do a chocolate cake shot.


We chat with Eder. We chat with Leonardo who has been there 15 days and we tell him it is our 16th visit. Greg, who we met at lunch, comes by and says hi. The woman I am looking for does not show up.

We go back to our room.


We pour some Havana Siete, I catch up on my trip notes as I sip this lovely rum, and then we go to sleep. The pillow feels like it fits my head better here. Although, that might just be my imagination. Or not.


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