Mrs. Tran is in the house!

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We arrive at La Brisa and are seated. We order drinks. Nothing different here. Why change a good thing? Zung has a Victoria beer.


And I have Sauvignon Blanc.


The always charming Asael is our waiter. We also see Martin, and Wilmer.

I have lobster and french fries.


Zung has shrimp fajitas.


Does reading this blog ever feel like Groundhog’s Day?

I know that the view never gets old for us.


I am having such a wonderful time that I don’t even mind when I get a text from work. It is from my director.  I wanted to know when something happened on a big project we are working on.

I definitely don’t mind when I have my first rockstar moment with Greg. He reads my blog. I have been having these rockstar moments for five years and they still make me laugh. It is just so cool.


I ask Asael for some coconut ice cream. He goes to see if they have any and comes back and tells me they don’t. I say Iknow, but I know you can get it for me. He does and brings us each 3 enormous scoops which I feel compelled to eat entirely, since he went to the trouble of getting it for me. I want to tell him they probably just should keep some here for the duration of our stay.


It has been a substantial lunch and we are stuffed. We go back to our room. We are pleasantly surprised to find the elevator has been fixed. Mauro, the butler jokes, “Well, of course! Mrs. Tran is in the house!”

Back in our room I change into my swimsuit and Zung pulls out his computer to check work emails. I head out to the beach and settle into my beloved Lounge Chair. I tell him how much I have missed him and he tells me he has heard rumors, again, of me having strayed. “And last time you promised it wouldn’t happen again?” I reassure him it meant nothing, it was a result of peer pressure, and I didn’t even really enjoy it. After a bit of grumbling he settled down and we bonded again.

Gabriel, a most awesome beach waiter came by and he remembers my name! I am duly impressed. I have not been here since January. I order a Coco Loco and take a nap. I drink some more until Zung comes out, when I take another nap. It has been a busy day. Between naps I enjoy the view.


I enjoy the Coco Loco too.


When we return to the room there are flowers, wine, a meat and cheese platter and a fruit basket.


We want to use the jacuzzi but can’t figure out how to plug up the water. We call for help and it is so easy we are embarrassed.

We make Havana rum and cokes.





Do rum and cokes taste better in outdoor jacuzzis, on vacation? I think they do.

We never get tired of this view either.





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  1. Love that view. My nephew loves the coconut ice cream in Mexico but we have a hard time finding it in the US.

    1. Boulder Ice Cream makes a really good Coconut ice cream, but that’s probably local. SO makes a pretty good Coconut ice cream made with coconut milk.

  2. Publix has a coconut frozen yogurt in their own brand, possibly ice cream too. Not as good as the Grand’s however.

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