Move to the Grand

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I do not get a lot of sleep. It is 1 o’clock before I go to sleep, and then I wake up at 6 am because I am so excited about moving to the Grand today. My alarm is not set until 8 o’clock, so I surf on my iPad, checking Facebook, playing Words With Friends, checking email, the usual. The big wagon of dirty towels is still outside our door. We dodge the crabs on our way to the breakfast buffet, where we meet Chris and Helen. I am not going to miss those crabs!

There are mimosas, there are omelettes, there are those things from the Mexican station that I have enjoyed so much.



There are more mimosas. The guys talk about cars. There are more mimosas. It was a good thing that Chris had an appointment to go diving or Helen and I might have gotten toasted. As it was, we sat and talked for two hours. We say our good-byes and then Zung and I go back to our room, where the wagon full of dirty towels STILL is. Seriously? It was still there when we left a short time later.

We pack. That always takes longer than you think it will. I try to call the bellboy, but I just get a message in Spanish. We decide to just take our bags ourselves. We have to ride in the funky smelling elevator. We have not used the elevator because it has a really funky smell. We get a ride to the lobby, check out and ask for a taxi.

In 50 minutes we go from the lobby of Secrets…


…to the lobby of the Grand.


We are so happy to be back at Iberostar. It is so beautiful. There is an abundance of flowers and trees and greenery. The taxi driver comments on it. Roberto greets us with a warm welcome. He takes us to the front desk. Of course the bellboy who greets us always takes us to the front desk, even though he knows that we know where it is. This is in contrast to Secrets where nobody told us where to go.

Priscilla and Sarah are at the front desk. Alberto, the new GM comes out to introduce himself. We see Eder. I am not sure if our room will be ready since we have arrived several hours before check-in, but we are assured that our room is ready. Hector gives us a ride to Building 71. Mauro, one of the butlers, greets us. He gives us more champagne. We have to walk up to the third floor because the elevator is broken. We have booked a corner suite because we enjoyed it so much when we we last here, last December. Jesus, the butler comes to see what we need. We ask for Havana Club rum, a couple of down pillows for me and foam pillows for Zung. We catch up with him and find out he has two children, a three year old daughter and a ten month old son. We ask to see pictures. What cuties! We unpack and then go to La Brisa for lunch. I am downright giddy to be here!

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4 Responses to Move to the Grand

  1. Sheila says:

    It’s about time you got home, young lady!

  2. Bee says:

    Hi Andrea
    I’m here now at the Grand, everyone says hi to you. And had my first cucumber mojito.
    Could you help, we have never dealt with Frontier airlines. And I think you usually fly them. not able to get a clear answer for this. While here in MX
    We paid each for a carry on. Does that cover carry on for the return flight?
    We would like to check our bags for the return and would like to pay less by paying 24 hours prior.
    Hope this makes sense
    Thanks for any input.

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