White Night at the French Restaurant

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We return to our room, dodging crabs along the way. This is sitting outside our room. I normally wouldn’t make a big deal about it by mentioning it, but it sat out there until we checked out the next day. I don’t know when they finally moved it. It’s just tacky to leave it outside someone’s room for more than a couple hours. Toto, we are not at the Grand anymore.


We have enough time to rest (Zung needs at least one nap a day) before dinner at Bordeaux, the French restaurant. The women have all agreed to wear something white, or whitish, we call it a White Night.

We have to wait a few minutes while they prepare a table for our large group. It is outside and it is a bit warm. I know that the issue of reservation vs no-reservations is hotly debated on the various boards and forums. The Grand requires reservations, Secrets does not take reservations. I prefer reservations, and it bugs the hell out of me when people say the Grand needs to change this. Go to the hotel that has what you prefer, and don’t ruin it for the rest of us that prefer not having to wait. Sitting outside doesn’t hold quite the same appeal when you are not by the ocean, either.

I chat with Steph and Dan while we wait. It was Steph’s idea to do the white night so that she could wear this beautiful dress that she also wore for her daughters wedding a couple months before. She was her daughter’s matron of honor, which I think is so cool.


Tami, Tom and their daughter, Hailey.


We are seated. The service and food are both good.

Zung takes quite a few pictures of people, but many of them don’t turn out well for some reason. These are the ones that did.

Chris, Helen and me.


Megan and Joe. Joe is Steph and Dan’s son.


Zung and Tom.


Helen, me and Tami.


Dan.That’s Steph who is the ghostly figure next to him. I tried to crop her out, but the universe was not cooperating and I couldn’t get the cropped picture to upload. DSCN4867

The food was good. There were a variety of dishes ordered.






Dinner takes a long time. I think this might be true of most large groups. After dinner we take a group picture.


After dinner we go to Rendevous, which is a club with quiet music, just a piano player. We play Cards Against Humanity. I order a Chocolate Martini and it is just awful. It seems like this drink is different every time someone different makes it. But this one is just awful. Tom notices I am not drinking it and I tell him it just doesn’t taste good. He says that for a lot of drinks, you need to specify what kind of liquor you want, and ask for top shelf specifically. I want to say that I don’t have to at the Grand. I know that most people do however, even at the Grand. One of the bartenders at the Grand told me that they get in trouble if they use top shelf without it being requested, unless they know the guest, like me, or other guests that go there repeatedly.

It is a late night and I am ready to move to the Grand in the morning. We say good-bye to everyone, except Chris and Helen, who we make plans with to meet for breakfast.

My impressions of Secrets Playa Mujeres: While the crabs were creepy, this is nature and there is not really anything Secrets can do about it. I didn’t feel really welcomed when we first arrived, and did not like at all being passed off to the time share/vacation club person who was too aggressive after I said no thank-you. The debacle with getting us to our room spoke for itself. When a guest arrives after check-in time, in our case, by a couple hours, there should be no issues with them getting their room. The selection of restaurants is good and the food is really good. The service is good. The selection of clubs is very good, although the ones with loud music were not to my taste, I know there are some people who enjoy this. Breakfast was not great, lunch was a little better and dinner was good. The beach was acceptable and the loungers were ok, but not great. For sure, for us, this is not competition for the Grand.

We came here to be with friends and I have really enjoyed the time with all our friends, but I am really excited and ready to go “home” tomorrow!



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  1. I’m glad you at least had fun with friends. I may still keep this resort on my short list. However I need to find out when crab season begins and ends. No way I didn’t expect SPM to be competition to the Grand. Two totally different resorts. I prefer not to have reservations but If I go to a resort that requires it I’m ok with that too. Looking forward to reading about the rest of your vacay at the Grand.

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