Father’s Day with Two of My Favorite Fathers

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Breakfast is at the buffet again. Well, there isn’t any other option, other than room service. I do like to order room service for breakfast and sit out on the balcony/patio sometimes. I wasn’t interested in sharing with the crabs though, so that was a no go. They were still everywhere.The creepiest was when they were on the stairs. This one dug a hole in the greenery on our patio. You can see how he splattered the dirt on the wall.


I order a couple of scrambled eggs with tomatoes. The guy cooking them asks me if I want cheese and I can’t understand what he is asking (it is a hearing problem, not a language problem), and say yes. He makes an omelette, which is really just scrambled eggs folded over. I don’t like all the cheese though. And the bacon wis a little overdone.


Zung gets his usual omelette as well.


After breakfast we go to the beach. Zung takes some pictures along the way. I think this is referred to as “the ledge” and is a premium pool spot. I can see why, it’s a great view of the ocean. DSCN4801

Of course, you could always just go to the beach. They usually have the best views. The water is very calm here.


There is a pelican that was like this for the longest time.


We have to leave Secrets property to get a closer look at him. Secrets has a big sign advising against this.


Fortunately, we return safely back to the Secrets beach.


Tami and Tom arrive and I sit and talk to Tami for awhile. I tell her we are meeting Daniel for lunch. He is supposed to come pick us up at noon, and we were going somewhere in Cancun. We start to pack up to go back to our room and get ready at 11, but Daniel sends me a text that he is going to be a little late. This man is terrible with time. He says he’ll let me know when he leaves Playa del Carmen. Chris and Helen come down and we chat with them for a while. Zung and I are getting hungry, so we go back to our room, shower and dress and then go to get a snack at one of the restaurants.


There are chips and sauces and I get some Sauvignon Blanc and Zung gets a beer, but I can’t remember which one.


I get some ceviche.


Zung gets a salad. Both are nicely presented.


Zung takes a picture in the restroom. They had rolled up cloths to dry your hands on in all the restrooms.


After our snack we go to the lobby to wait for Daniel.


He finally arrives at 3. He has Matthew, his son, with him. I have a Lego set for Matt and I had purchased a tablet for Daniel to give to Matt also. He drives us to a restaurant in Cancun, called Macambo.


It is right on the ocean. They have a table set up right where you walk in to make the Dad’s complimentary drinks for Father’s Day.



Daniel is a great dad and his son is so sweet and always well behaved when we all go out. It was an honor to get to spend Father’s Day with them.


There is a short wait for a table. The view is pretty incredible, as are the colors of the ocean.


We start with some shared ceviche, which is really good.


Everyone enjoys their entrees.



After we ate, we give Matthew his presents.


We take a group picture.


And one more picture while we are waiting for the car.


Daniel drives us back to crabland, uh, I mean Secrets. He has to go back to Playa and then drive back to Cancun to pick up his girlfriend tonight from the airport. He is so sweet. He offers to come get us tomorrow when we are moving to the Grand. I thank him but reassure him that we will be fine to take a taxi. He needs to sleep at some point!

It was an enjoyable way to spend Father’s Day and we have our final dinner with everyone tonight to look forward to.


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  1. This is our favorite restaurant. In my opinion it is one of the best.

  2. I haven’t heard of this restaurant but I would love to try it next time. I love the picture you took with Daniel and his son. He does seem like a great guy. I’m still grossed out by the crabs.

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