Eating, Drinking and Lesson Learned

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We have dinner at Portofino, the Italian restaurant. We don’t take any pictures, but it was good. They were able to seat us all at one table, which is nice. Afterwards we go to the show. The theatre is indoor and I like the set up.

This is Tom. He’s Tami’s husband. They live in Texas.



We take pictures while we wait for the show to start.

This is me and Helen and her husband, Chris. They live in Oklahoma.


This is Tami and Steph, Dan (Steph’s husband) and Tom (again). Steph and Dan live in Oklahoma also.


I didn’t write any notes about the show. Afterwards we go to the Desires night club where the music is insanely loud. We dance. We have some drinks. We get tired of trying to shout to talk and go outside and talk. Then we call it a night.

In the morning we go for breakfast. There is a roaming mimosa cart. I like that.


I have eggs benedict, which are not bad, but clearly have been sitting there for awhile at the buffet.

I have these pictures from the lobby, so we must have gone there for something. However, I didn’t include it in my notes. I don’t think this resort os very pretty, but this chandelier in the lobby is one thing that is very pretty.


There is this cool sculpture.


This picture gives you a sense of how far away the rooms are from the lobby.


We go back to the room and guess what’s outside the door to the patio?


We go out to the beach.


We all decide to have lunch together and go to the buffet.

I have a burger and fries. The burger is better than the burgers at the Grand.


Zung has some rice dish with seafood.


Zung and Chris bond over cars during lunch. After lunch we go all go to the pool together. I have started drinking champagne and red wine, 1/2 and 1/2, over lots of ice. I get quite a few confused looks from the bartenders when I order this drink. It is nice and refreshing, but it gets me into trouble because they go down way too easy. Truth be told, I get wasted. I drank three in an hour. I might not have gotten so wasted if I had stopped drinking those refreshing drinks when I thought I should. But someone was handing me a third one without me asking and it seemed rude to refuse it. Trust me, if this happens to you, refuse it.

When it is apparent how wasted I am, Zung takes me back to the room. I try to sleep it off but I am in no shape for dinner. Everyone knows why we didn’t show up, which is mortifying to me. I am chatting online with some friends about it and they all say it has happened to them, so then I don’t feel so mortified. What I feel is hungry, so we order dinner from room service. I have come down off my wastedness enough that I order a glass of wine.


Zung calls with our order, which includes flan for him. About a half an hour later they call back and say the flan wasn’t ready and so he orders an apple tart instead. What they bring him is a hamburger instead. We have a good laugh over that. He has fish, which is ok. I have steak, which tastes good , but is very tough and I have to work hard cutting and chewing each bite. I have ordered the same delicious chocolate cake that I ordered our first night and it is just as delicious.

Our friends ate at the Mexican restaurant. Apparently they were taking bets as to whether we would show up, or whether Zung would show up without me. Nobody was surprised that I didn’t make it. They were surprised that I wasn’t hungover the next morning. Amateurs.


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  1. I agree that you shouldn’t feel mortified about missing dinner it happens to the best of us. I blame Secrets, the one and only time I had too much fun to make it to dinner was at SSS.

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