Breakfast, the Beach and Lunch

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We wake up to a cloudy morning. We head off to breakfast. We pass the pool. You pretty much pass the pool everywhere you go. It is a huge pool. There is a crab in the pool this morning. Uh, no thank you.


The service is slow to start. Our waiter is busing other tables that have been vacated, and I want to say, hey, come take care of THIS table that is occupied. When he does finally come over I order a Mimosa and tea and ask for almond milk. He points towards the buffet for the almond milk, but he does bring me the Mimosa, even though there is a Mimosa bar that I had not noticed at first.


There is harp music, which is a nice touch.


Although it is a decent sized buffet, I cannot find much I want to eat. There are several things that need to be re-stocked, including bacon. Really? No bacon at my first breakfast here is a big fail. I try the sausage, but I don’t like the taste and texture of it. There is a Mexican section where they have these little pancake like things with meat on them. I like those a lot and go back to get more.


I can not find the almond milk. I recently discovered that cow’s milk is not my friend and have eliminated it for the most part from my diet. I had checked with the Grand to see if they had it and they do, but I forgot to check with Secrets. I go to where the milk is in the buffet and can not find almond milk. I ask one of the employees and he points in another direction, but I can’t find it there either. I ask him again and he takes me over and points at the oatmeal. Now I realize they have not understood what I am saying and as it turns out, they do not have almond milk. I ask for soy milk for my tea, which is just kind of gross, but it’s the best I can do.

Zung has an omelet, so he is happy.


At breakfast we notice there are a lot of couples with sales people getting the vacation club pitch. That is SO not how I want to spend any of my vacation time. I am glad I shut that down yesterday.

After breakfast Zung needs to find a toothbrush (how do you forget your toothbrush? He does it all the time). The first store we go into I trip over the threshold at the door. I had read about people tripping and wonder if this is what they are talking about.  It is just kind of higher that expected. And they don’t have toothbrushes. They send us to a store over by the lobby. We get a golf cart ride over. We never had to wait long for a ride.

We find the store and Zung buys his overpriced toothbrush. We walk around to see what is over here.

DSCN4726 DSCN4727

It rains briefly.

DSCN4728 DSCN4729 DSCN4730 DSCN4731

This is right by the lobby.



When we get back to our room we change into our swimsuits and go out to the beach. We find Steph and Dan and Megan and Joe.

There is an energetic group that is kayaking. I looked at the activity schedule and considered trying the yoga class that is offered in the morning. As it turns out, it never works out. We always seem to be at breakfast and I am not about to get up early on vacation to go to exercise.



The drink service is good, no complaints there. We start with a Mudslide for me and a Margharita for Zung.


DSCN4737 DSCN4738

It doesn’t seem like it is long at all before we are thinking about lunch. We go to Oceana, which is the restaurant where we ate last night. I have some Sauvignon Blanc, and Zung has a beer.



They bring us chips, guac and sauces. The chips are nice and fresh, and the guac and sauces are good.


The view is nice.


I have a light lunch, starting with some ceviche, which is pretty good.


Next, I have a salad, which is pretty, but kind of bland.


Zung starts with a shrimp cocktail, which he says is too sweet.


I have some gazpacho. I love gazpacho, but this is kind of bland too.


Zung has jambalaya, which he says is kind of bland as well.


The view is still nice and they keep my wine glass filled.


Dessert for me knocked it out of the park with this cucumber granita. It is delicous.


Zung has some ice cream, which is fine.


The option of a sit-down restaurant for lunch is nice, and the options on the menu are appealing. They didn’t quite follow through however with the food. I would have to say that the food has been a mixed bag so far.


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  1. One of the things I like about Secrets resorts is that they offer a sit down option for lunch. I don’t enjoy eating at a buffet for lunch which is something I didn’t like about the last resort I stayed at.

    1. This was a nice option at Secrets. It’s also one of the things that I like about the Grand, you can go to the buffet or order off the menu at both breakfast and lunch.

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