Room and Food at Secrets Playa Mujeres

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It is a nice room. There is a nice sitting area. I like this better than the funky chaise they have at the Grand.

DSCN4700 DSCN4701

The outside has a table and a couple of chairs and an ocean view.


I’m not sure swim-out is the right term for this room. When I hear that term, I think of being able to swim out TO something. This is just a common pool for about five or six rooms. Our room is one end. We never actually go into the water though. There are a lot of tiny, little leaves that fall into the water, and then there are the crabs (more on them later). The balcony/porch area definitely goes to the Grand.

The bathroom looks nice. There is a double sink. It ends up being very dysfunctional though. The water splashes up at us because it hits the stopper thingy. If you turn it down so it doesn’t do that, it’s little more than a trickle.The sinks are cool looking, but they are pretty high  and I have to stand on tip toe to use them.


There is a large, lovely looking jetted tub that I wanted to try, but never got around to it.You can open it up to the rest of the room if you want.


There is a nice, large, separate shower that I did not take a picture of, and a water closet. I have to say, overall, I prefer the bathroom at the Grand.

I have received a message from Tami that dinner is at Oceana at 7. Zung naps and I take notes for this blog. I get dressed for dinner. In all the “activity” of trying to get into our room. I have forgotten my very important ritual. I finally perform the Ceremonial Removal of the Watch.


Earlier, when we were taking our first golf cart ride to the our room, the driver commented that it was crab season. As we walked to Oceana for dinner we saw them, everywhere!

DSCN4706 DSCN4708

At first it was interesting. Then there were so many, it felt a little freakish, like a Hitchcock movie or something.


We did get to see the sunset, which we don’t get to see at the Grand.


We arrived at the restaurant. Our group was seated at two tables next to each other. I can’t remember what we ate, but it was quite good. Point for Secrets!

DSCN4712 DSCN4715 DSCN4716

There are all kinds of bars here. After dinner we go to the sports bar. We sit at the bar and are given drinks. Helen thinks her Sauvignon Blanc doesn’t taste right so I make the bartender open a new bottle. She says it still tastes different. But the bartender never asks if we want refills, even though we sit there for a while with empty glasses. Someone makes me dance. I think it was Stephanie.

We go back to the room. I am hungry and we order room service. Zung gets flan, I get chocolate cake and wine. The chocolate cake is really good.

Our first day is over. The whole room thing has not left me with a good impression. The service is mediocre, some good, some not so much. The food however has been really good.

We are looking forward to hanging out at the beach tomorrow.


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  1. Does one think that overall the Grand is grander!!

  2. Yes Sheila, overall, the Grand is grander. SPM is not a particularly attractive resort. The centerpiece is the pool, which is a nice pool, but doesn’t hold a candle to the landscaping and interiors of the Grand.

  3. OK…not gonna lie. I think the crabs would freak me out. I only go to the Grand in the spring, but do they have these crabs running around in June at the Grand???i

    1. No crabs running around the Grand. And they started to freak me out because they were everywhere!

  4. The crabs are 100% freaking me out!! YUCK! I have never heard of this before- did they say how long it lasts?

    1. I never asked anyone how long they are around. Just wait, it gets worse!

  5. The crabs are so gross. I have never seen anything like it. Guess this is what happens when natural environments are destroyed to build resorts. We planned on going to SPM in Sept but the price jumped a lot so we went to another resort. For the right price it’s still on my list.

  6. Hi you could just name them as pets? Hee but I have a Grand Question. Do you remember what the nitghtly theme or activity schedules are? And which nights are the international and Mexiacan buffets? And who should I email for restaurant requests? Thanks thanks for your blog

    1. There is some variance with the schedule for shows. I don’t have the activity schedule. The international buffet is Wednesday, the Mexican is Sunday. You can email rpgrandparaiso@
      Thanks for reading!

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