Secrets Mujeres – a cluster

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This is me before we board.


This is us after we board.


We take our seats and are in row two. They are new seats. They are shorter. The button to recline is underneath and we don’t even know that until we are talking to Dave later on in the flight. He tells us the only seats that recline anymore are the first three rows and row thirteen (which I have no idea why). Before we figure out about the reclining thing my back is killing me. And we have only been on the flight an hour.  There are no TV’s either. Boo!

However, Dave is awesome and takes good care of us. He says hello to everyone who boards. Most of the flight attendants do not do this. After we are in the air, he comes by to say hello and we chat and catch up. During drink service he sees that I have brought my own rum. This decision was not to save money (although it does). It was because the rum they serve is awful. However, he tells me he “can’t” see my rum I brought, so I put it away.


This is Zung’s beverage of choice.

IMG_1912 The pilots come out, one at a time, to use the restrooms. They are both young. One has sunglasses on his forehead. This is a young, hip thing to do. I don’t like my pilots to be young and hip. I like them to have gray hair. And have LOTS of experience.

Dave does such a good job. In addition to greeting everyone, he explains the immigrations and customs forms. He is just awesome. He is just a good person.


There are hugs when we leave. He won’t be on our flight when we go home.  He made it so much better when we were going home after the heart attack trip. He is so nice and attentive. We are going to miss him, big time. This is probably the last time we will fly Frontier. Several reasons, but the bottom line is that they just don’t make it worth it to be loyal to them any more.

It is a super short immigration line. We wait for our bags. Both bags come out together. We get a green light for customs. I put on my new shades and we walk through the gauntlet. Nobody messes with me. I look badass.

Outside someone asks me which transfer company we are looking for. I say Canada Transfers and he takes us to them. They don’t have us on their list. I show him the confirmation email and he tells me that is from Cancun transfers. Oops. My bad. I’m a little embarassed. He points us to the company we have actually booked with and we get our ride to the resort, Secrets Playa Mujeres.

DSCN4690 DSCN4691

It is pretty as you drive through the Playa Mujeres area and we pass other hotels.

DSCN4692 DSCN4693

Finally, we arrive at Secrets Playa Mujeres.


And then there is a bit of a cluster.

We get out of the van. Nobody greets us. Okay, I’m comparing to the Grand. There they open the car door and always greet us. Here our driver takes out our bags. A bellboy comes up with cold washcloths and says welcome home, but it doesn’t feel like it’s meaningful, but rather something he is just supposed to say. There is a woman standing there with glasses of champagne. It feels like they just are checking these things off their list. Nobody tells us where to go. We ask and they just point inside. We go to the wrong desk and they point us to the desk on the other side of the room. We sit down and check in. I like sitting down to check in. At the Grand you have to stand at a counter.

DSCN4696 DSCN4697

We are told that we are being upgraded to a swim-out suite. That sounds good, but it won’t be ready for 30 minutes. It is 4:30 pm. I am surprised the room isn’t ready, but say it is fine, we will just go have a drink. The check-in dude hands us off to a woman who is waiting and says she will tell us about our “special gift.”

Uh oh. I feel a time share or vacation club thing coming on. She takes us to another desk and says we get $200 in resort credits. But, it’s a little here and a little there and not really anything significant anywhere, and she wants to book us for the full presentation tomorrow morning at breakfast. I say we are not interested. She asks WHY? I say we are just not. She presses, with WHY? After going back and forth a couple of times I say we are loyal Iberostar guests and the only reason we are here is to vacation with friends. Then she wants to know what is so great about Iberostar and I say the people. She seems to “get” that. She passes us off to our driver who will take us to our room. The resort is in two sections, the lobby, and several of the restaurants and the spa and then the rooms and pool and bars and some more of the restaurants. There are golf carts that transport you from one section to the other.

Our driver does a great job of pointing out where everything is. Then he takes us to our room, where the maid has just arrived to clean it. Oops. I can tell he is very embarassed. He takes us to the Preferred club lounge to wait. This is a special lounge for people who have upgraded their reservations and they get extra stuff, like this lounge. We are served champagne and there is food to eat while we wait. Most of the food is good, although there are little ants crawling on one of the serving utensils. We skip that one. We arrive at the lounge at 5pm and although the snacks and service are good, we just want to get to our room. We have been  told it will be 40 minutes. We should have just said, give us a regular room and do it now please. There are some people who complain at the Grand, when they arrive hours earlier than check-in time, that they can’t have their room. I wonder what they would say if they stayed here at Secrets?

A woman who rode with us on the golf cart comes in and sees us and asks why we are there. We say we are waiting for our room. (I don’t say that my husband is getting aggravated that it is 5 pm and our room is still not ready). She checks and tells us it will be 15 minutes. We are finally taken to a (different) room and the key doesn’t work. Seriously? At last, we get into the room. The mini bar is locked. We are staying here four nights before we go to the Grand. It is starting to sound like a very long time.


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  1. I have been waiting on this trip report! Not off to a great start, though. Hope it gets better.

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