Mexico June 2015 – Cheating on the Grand

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June 2015 – It has been 5 months since my solo trip. Time flies in blogland. I had been doing a crazy amount of traveling in 2014 and up to my solo trip in January. I’m spoiled. Five months is a long time, too long. I feel more pre-trip excitement than I have in a while. The countdown is exquisite.  It is going to be a long trip. The longest one we have ever taken, twelve days. The reason for that is that we are going to cheat on the Grand for part of that time. My good friend Tami, of TripSurfer vacations, organizes a group trip every year and we are always invited, but we have never gone because it just wasn’t the right time or place or hotel. This year they are going to the new Secrets Playa Mujeres and she has great rates. We agree to go for four days and then we will move to the Grand and stay through Zung’s birthday. And then some. So, it ends up being twelve days.

I buy lots of new things for the trip. Including these very cool shades from Tiffany. You can’t see it, but they have very cute bows on the sides.


I make the always very difficult decision about which shoes to take. It’s difficult because there are so many shoes that don’t get to go, and I don’t want any of them feeling left out. They line up like little soldiers.I usually take one pair for each night, but with a trip this long and with my smaller bag, they are going to have to do double duty.


June 17 aka the day before: I leave work, go home and make a rum  and coke. I finish packing. Zung starts packing. We get fish and chips, or in my case, shrimp and chips for dinner (take out). We go to sleep. My insomnia has been SO much better. I have not used sleep aids in 2 1/2 weeks. That’s a record. We need to leave at 7, so we set two alarms for 4:30 and I wake up right before mine goes off.

June 18: Zero days! Today is the day!

I jump out of bed and jump into the shower. I finish packing and we weigh my bag. It is 48#, which is too close to the 50# limit for Zung, so we put a few things in the carry on we are taking. We load up the car and leave a full ten minutes ahead of schedule. There is, surprisingly, a long line at Elite check in. I say if we’d arrived 20 minutes later, there would be no line. So we spend 15 of those 20 minutes in line. As we are waiting, a woman walks by and says, “nice dress.” Consignment store score. This picture was taken in front of our house before we left this morning.


Contrast it to this picture, inside my house, when I was ready to leave for my last trip to Mexico.


The guy in front of us is wearing shorts and has only a small backpack. Wonder what his story is. I hear the check in agent say something about 14 hours. He gets squared away and it’s our turn. She asks if we have already printed out our boarding passes. This will be important later. We get squared away. The security line is short, but why is it the line that looks the shortest, never is?

We have breakfast at Chef Jimmy’s. I have two royal mimosas.

IMG_1908 DSCN4683IMG_1910

Zung has coffee. (Yawn).


I have eggs and bacon.


Zung has, oh hell, you KNOW what Zung has.


We go to the “News” store and I get a trashy magazine. We check the Departure board, our flight is gone. It was there earlier. What does that mean? We go to the gate. It’s all good.

They start boarding ten minutes early. Call Elite members. We go up and hand her our boarding passes and she looks at them and says we have to go to podium and get the “docs checked” stamped, which our check-in chica failed to give us. When she asked if we had already printed our boarding passes, she should have looked at them and stamped them. So annoying. I make a comment to Zung that we shouldn’t let it run our vacation Zen. The lady who reprints our boarding passes (what is the point of printing them at home if they are just going to reprint them?) takes us to the head of the line, since the masses have lined up by this point. We appreciate this. There really are very few perks left to being an Elite member, and early boarding is one of them. We walk down the jet way and I see our very favorite Frontier flight attendant, Dave. We get hugs, and big bottles of water. This is a good omen!

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