Last solo dinner

The sun chases me down and I go to the spa. I sit in the hot tub, which is not all that hot. A couple joins me and we chat. They are from Missouri. As soon as they find out that I am from Colorado they ask about marijuana. In case you don’t know, it’s legal in Colorado. People used to ask about skiing. We have a beautiful state with beautiful mountains and beautiful parks and beautiful other stuff. But all anyone wants to know about is our pot. Just sayin’.

After I’ve had enough sorta-hot tubbing, I go back to my room. I make a drink with Havana Siete and Sprite. I don’t want coke because sometimes after a couple I get jittery from the caffeine. For some reason the drink really hits me. I curl up in the swing and enjoy the buzz. When it wears off I shower and dress for dinner.


Dinner is at Toni’s, which is probably my favorite restaurant. I start with a Caesar salad.


I have  a rib-eye (I always have the rib-eye, medium rare), pureed potatoes (which I think are too thick to be called pureed) and tomatoes. My rib-eye is cooked perfectly and it is delicious.


It is Daniel’s day off so I skip the lobby bar and go back to my room. I have some more of the red wine from last night. It it the last evening of this solo vacation and I declare it a smashing success.

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