Room Service Fail, Lounge Chair Saving and Housekeeping

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I wake up at 7:33.


I pop up and remove the Do Not Disturb sign from my door so that room service can deliver when they arrive. I requested delivery for 7:30-8.

And then I wait. And wait. And wait. Eight o’clock comes and goes. At 8:15 I call room service and ask where my breakfast is. She says she will check and call me back. I don’t know if she checked. I do know that she never called me back. I also know I posted this on the Facebook Grand board and someone told me that this hadn’t happened, couldn’t have happened, or there must have been a good reason that it happened. It kind of blew up and I ended up deleting the whole thread. It did happen. The reason it happened was they couldn’t read my writing and took my breakfast to another room. No one was at that room. When I called about it, the person that I talked to never followed up. This was the real fail. I understand about not being able to read my writing. However, the person who I talked to should have followed through and made sure it was delivered.

I was super irritated at the time. I was really looking forward to my mango Mimosa that I requested. To sitting on my balcony and having breakfast. It didn’t happen this day. This is what I refer to as a first world problem.

A minute after I got off the phone with room service, the phone rang. I am thinking that it is room service, but it is someone with the Vacation Club. They want me to meet with the Sales Manager. She emphasizes that they are not trying to sell me anything, but they just want me to know about it, because I am  “so important.” She says that several times, and that everyone knows who I am (really? EVERYONE?) I wonder if this is because I visit so often or because I cause so much trouble when I do visit?

I agree to meet him for lunch. She tells me to go to the vacation club lounge, by the lobby. I hang up. Since I still haven’t heard from room service, I get dressed and head downstairs. Seriously, that’s one of the benefits of room service – not having to get dressed. When I step off the elevator, the concierge says good morning and asks how I am. I tell her that I am not very happy because I never got my room service. She says she will check on it and I say I am just going to go to Bella Vista.

First I go to the beach to get a chair and palapa. I find a chair in the third row, all  the way at the end, next to the area roped off for the very exclusive vacation club area. Except, by the middle of the afternoon, this area is full of the regular riff raff, like me, who ignored the ropes (to be clear, I did not ignore the ropes because I am a follow the rules type of girl). All the other chairs have been reserved with shoes or books or shirts. There are few actual people in the chairs. I can’t complain. I am reserving a chair also. I don’t feel that guilty. I know I will be in said chair by 9 am.

I go to Bella Vista. I ask for Asael’s section. He has such a lovely smile and he takes such good care of me.

He brings me my Mimosa.


And a perfectly lovely breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, a croissant and some really lovely raspberries.


Then it’s back to the room and change into my bikini (oh, such a sad day it will be when I can’t wear a bikini any more). I head to the beach. I order another Mimosa.


It is a sunny day, somewhat cool, in the mid-70’s. After my Mimosa I have a Coco  Loco.


I read and enjoy the view and the sounds.

IMG_1624 IMG_1625

A little before noon, I go back to the room and make sure that I am presentable for my meeting with the vacation club sales manager. My room is made up. The maid has put felt hearts  on my bed.


When I read reviews of the Grand sometimes people complain that their room is not made up until later in the day, like 3 or 4 o’clock. Who cares? This is one of those complaints that I consider really petty. If you want your room made up early because you plan to come back and take a nap, or whatever, let your butler know. I am sure they can arrange it. Otherwise, who cares when their room is made up? As long as it is made up by the end of the day. I am guessing they make up the rooms that are being vacated first, for the new guests. And then they probably just go down the line until the end of their day. Which is probably 4 or 5 o’clock. Just sayin’.

I head to the lobby for my meeting.

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