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Today is definitely not a beach day. I feel like I should get some exercise, so I take a walk down the beach, towards Maroma. I don’t go as far since I am by myself. The weather hasn’t gotten any better and it still isn’t a beach day. I consider going to the bar and just drinking all day, but I think that wouldn’t end well, so I get a golf cart ride to the shopping center. Come to think of it, that could not end well in a different way. As it turns out, I zip around there in no time and am not tempted to pull out my credit card even a little bit.

What to do next? I decide to go to Playa’s 5th Avenue. The hotel has a shuttle but it does not leave for a while and I am too impatient. I take a taxi. I wander around the shops. The shop owners are not as aggressive with a woman by herself as they are with a couple. I don’t see anything that sings to me . A set of Mapchicks maps does catch my eye. I have read so much about them over the years, so I go ahead and buy them to see what all the fuss is about. They are really interesting to look at, having read about so many of the places on them. I think they would be really useful if you were out touring as well.

The weather was cool all day , but it has only sprinkled on and off.

I skip lunch. When I get back to the Grand Daniel is behind the bar, so I go in and have him make me a cucumber mojito.


There is a couple there that I remember from a previous trip. On the beach she would talk to him in a very sexy voice in a language that I don’t understand. Wink, wink. She is intrigued by my cucumber mojito and she has Daniel make her one, and she likes it. Seriously, they need to put this drink on the menu. And they should call it Andrea’s Cucumber Mojito. Her husband (male companion, how do I know they are married?) has a margherita. I take a picture and text it to Zung, because Daniel’s margharitas are his favorite.


I go back to my room and the maid has decorated my bed (which feels just a little weird when you are by yourself).


She has also drawn a bath, which is simply divine after being out in the cool day all day.


I have decided to order room service for dinner. I have never done this before and it is something I have always wanted to try. Since I have no dinner reservations to get to I take my time in the bath and wait until I get pruny before getting out.

I order the room service and it arrives quickly. I ask the guy who brings it to open the bottle of wine that was in my room as a welcome when I first arrived.

I have ordered the seafood platter, grilled fish and coconut ice cream. That looks like a lot of food for one person, doesn’t it? I wonder if we would eat as much in one sitting if they put it all down on the table at the same time.


The seafood platter is what I get at Toni’s, and is an appetizer. however, I eat the fish first since it is the warm item and the seafood selection is cold. The fish tastes good, but is overcooked. Honestly, I have rarely ordered fish at any of the restaurants at the Grand and had it cooked properly. The seafood selection is fine and the coconut ice cream is of course, delicious, if not a bit melted. Maybe I should have eaten that first?


There is a special dinner tonight with a Michelin starred chef. There is an extra charge for this (I think it was around $200 0r 250). It includes cocktails before and after dinner drinks. It sounded nice, but not the kind of thing I wanted to attend solo. Someone told me that most of the people who attended were not hotel guests.

When I am finished with my dinner I go to the Lobby Bar and hang out with Daniel. It is the last day he works before I leave. I order a chocolate martini and chocolate cake shot.


We talk about how he needs to visit Colorado. We have a nice hug and I tell him good-bye and to enjoy his day off.

These beautiful tulips are in the front entry.


I go back to my room drink some more wine and put my room service order out on my doorknob before I go to sleep.

It was not a bad day, but I think it’s better to have someone to hang out with when you can’t be on the beach.


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  1. I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed your blog. Years ago, I read your Colorado Cougars’ trip report and was so pleased when I recently came upon your Iberostar blog. My husband and I am now enjoying Havana rum. A new Nordstrom is opening in my province and I thought of you when I read an article about it – it has 5 shoe stores. Have you ever thought of visiting Vancouver B.C.? Vancouver hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics and is a beautiful city. Plus your dollar has so much strength. Would love to hear about Vancouver through your eyes. You have made Mexico so appealing and it never appealed to me before. I love how proud you are of your family and how much you enjoy your travels with them. There’s nothing like traveling with adult children. Thank you for your blog – I love to read about your travel and life style.

    1. Thank you! My husband really wants to visit Vancouver, so it’s on our list. Thanks for all your kind comments!

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